UAE Catering well to the Rising EV Needs!

Gurjit Singh Kochar has always been known as an ardent motorsport enthusiast, both in India and in Dubai. His amazing collection of cars left people mesmerized and only a few know about his passion to restore the imbalance on the planet. He had lately been pretty worried about the global climate change that has been occurring rapidly and he started finding a replacement for the high fossil fuel usage.

What could be better than the electrification of transportation to reduce fossil fuel usage and promote means of a sustainable future? He is a proud owner of several electric vehicles including Tesla, the Tata Nexon, the Mercedes Benz, and others. Gurjit Singh Kochar is now stealing the limelight because of his on-spot opinion about the UAE’s acceptance of EV. Dubai’s superbly comprehensive framework and optimal resource usage are paving down more ways for EV entry within the nation. This section of the globe has been necessarily shaping the economy of the world and is an important element in global oil politics.

Keeping these aspects aside, renewable energy, clean transportation, energy diversification, pollution concerns, climate change, and sustainable growth had always been the agenda of the Arab countries. Despite the turmoil, Dubai is, to the relief of Gurjit Singh Kochar, one of the very first gulf countries to adopt the EVs. They have time and again proven themselves to be committed towards lower carbon emissions and walk towards sustainability. They are keeping aside the fact that driving ICE automobiles are much cheaper in their nation and their efforts to promote clean transportation needs applauds.

Gurjit Singh Kochar thinks that Dubai has already proven itself as an able leader to boost the EV market in the Gulf for at least the next 20 years. The Emirati government is in full support to raise EV use by 20% this year and progress it rationally in the upcoming decade. But to the surprise of everyone, UAE holds the most number of charging stations in the world. The entire Gulf is the hotspot for the charging stations, let alone Dubai, which holds the maximum. And step by step, they are proving themselves to be able to be the global leader in zero-emission adoption and EVs.

The Emirati government has been constantly motivating and upholding the true spirits of clean transportation towards its people and the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative had gained massive speed in no time. The supreme council of the country also declared that 10% of all the new cars manufactured within the Emirates must be electric or hybrid and this according to Gurjit Singh Kochar is the best way to promote the cars. The global oil needs are getting put under control through EVs and Dubai is not far behind in the race to adopt it at a rapid pace.

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