TP-Link Reinforces SMB Business through Partners

TP-Link Technologies Co Ltd, a Global provider of SOHO, SMB networking products, wireless LAN solutions and mobile devices TP-Link Technologies has announced initiatives that will enable channel partners to expand its products and solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market.

According to the vendor, the strategy to reinforce its SMB business comes at a time when the company has built a proper funnel and certified hundreds of TPNAs across the region.

Lucas Jiang, General Manager, TP-Link MEA, said, last year was challenging for the regional IT market and this year, SMB will still face pressure from limited budget. With growing investment in infrastructure, the demand for affordable networking solution will go up.

According to TP-Link, to raise awareness and educate their customers in its vertical about the company’s SMB products and solutions has been implemented across 2017 and this year, they will approach end client actively and maximize their reach.

Jiang said the company spent a lot of time on studying SMB market, looking for qualified partners and educating the market with our solutions.  We have accomplished the phase 1. It’s time to move to the next level.

Jiang explained unlike FMCG, SMB takes quite long time and requires much service. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work any longer. We are going to integrate resource to promo our dedicated solution. Based on our understanding of the market and the advantage of our solution, we are planning a series of campaign with our selected partner in verticals. We want to make our solution easy to use and add value to their business.

He added despite increasing market pressures, especially on smaller channel partners serving the SMB sector, TP-Link, along with its distributors, assist them to stay competitive by offering affordable products and solutions, margin, marketing, credit pre\after sales and so on.


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