What are the top Essentials for a Home-Based Gym in UAE?

Want to get into shape without leaving the house. Then, home gyms are a great investment, inexpensive in comparison to the fitness club memberships. In current times of ongoing pandemic, when restrictions are enforced at moment time, focusing on fitness is what made the lockdown for many people bearable. And home gyms are a much safer option too. Even without extenuating circumstances having a home gym means no crowded gyms, a flexible workout schedule, no stinky changing rooms, and a pressure-free zone to exercise.

Let’s check out the important gym equipment you can rent or purchase for your home gym, which can help you achieve any fitness goals you want to reach.


Barbell is one of the gym equipment which is necessary for your gym. A barbell is an important part of workouts catering to strength-training fitness. It allows you to try different weights, target different muscle groups. While buying barbells don’t compromise on quality. Low-quality barbell chips, cracks, tears up your hands, and even bend or completely fall apart even with limited use. Buy a barbell of high quality that lasts.

Weight Plates

The weight plates are equally important as barbells for your strength and resistance training. The thing is without your weight plates, your barbell and squat rack are useless or vice versa. I could keep on going but you get the point. You can do an N number of possible exercises with them. Choosing high-quality equipment can make all the difference to your fitness routine. There are many options from which you can choose the type of material for plates- traditional iron plates, rubber bumper plates, or urethane bumper plates.


Kettlebells don’t take much space. It is great for building muscle, burning fat. It is all in all a great tool for developing cardiovascular fitness and work capacity. This powerful tool is used from goblet squats to swings, can be used to do a ton of different exercises in little space.

Gymnastic Rings

If you want to build upper body and core strength, gymnastic rings are for you. Before committing to any ring programs, consider the space where you’ll hang them, how much space is needed, and how to use them effectively.

Squat rack

A squat rack is one of the expensive purchases you’ll make for your home gym. It will also take most of the space in your gym. There are a variety of racks available with different strengths and weaknesses. Before you finalized any rack, find space dimension, pricing, safety requirements, and other accessories you need for your workouts.


Dumbbells are another important piece in your home gym. Adding dumbbells to the mix will give versatility to your workout. If you’re buying new, go for rubber coated dumbbells. They are costlier, but they will last long without harming your gym floor.

 Suspension Training Kit

Suspension training kits are portable and affordable and making them essential equipment for your gym. You can anchor it to doors, beams, poles, or trees and get full-body workouts from lunges, squats, planks, and pulling, pushing, hinging, to rotational movements.

 Spin Bike/ Treadmill

The spin bike gives an all-around body workout. It is the best equipment that brings an outdoor cycling experience indoors. Before you select a spin bike, keep in mind workout programs, resistance levels, flywheel, etc. If you are into running or walking, then opt for a treadmill. A treadmill helps you reach your cardio goals without leaving the house, and many latest models feature streaming video programs to keep you motivated.

Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat gives cushioning and makes the floor comfortable for stretching, abs workout at your back, or push-ups on your knees.

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