Exzie is a business solution platform that is solving challenges faced by Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises around the globe with a core interest in creating ease of doing business in developing nations. Exzie is using latest fintech technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in providing its business solution services. Exzie currently provides Business Listing, Business Emailing and Cloud Storage services on its web and mobile platforms, and will be upgrading to include Business Intelligence, Business Funding and Business Resource E-Centre.

We believe Exzie business solutions and EXZ cryptocurrency are both very great projects that will rub off on each other and ensure overall success for all stakeholders, and here are some of the reasons we think Exzie is a cryptocurrency to buy in 2019;

  1. Means of exchange. The Exzie team is partnering with digital platforms around the world to accept EXZ as means of payment on their platforms. This means people in various locations will be able to buy groceries, airtime, bus tickets, train tickets and the likes. This will result in a regular demand for EXZ, which will result in value appreciation.
  2. Business Funding. This means business owners looking for business capital can access it by borrowing from other EXZ owners via a peer-to-peer lending structure that will be put in place. The lenders get paid interest on their EXZs, and borrowers must have 50% of the amount they want to borrow. Lenders face little or no risk of losing their EXZ, because there is a multi –signatory account involved in the smart contract that ensures automatic credit of the lender’s account at due date. Check the Exzie Whitepaper for more info (https://exz.exzie.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Exzie-Whitepaper.pdf)
  3. Subscribing on Exzie. Currently the business solution services on Exzie are free, but fees will be introduced in the near future. Managers users will have the option of paying either monthly or yearly, and the sole means of payment will be EXZ. All of this is in a bid to ensure constant demand for EXZ cryptocurrency that in turn result in value appreciation.
  4. A fearless team. The team at Exzie can sure dream big! Not just that, they go after their dreams with all of their resources, network and community. A great team with a founder who has set up over 10 Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Dipor-Exzie knows where the pain comes from for Micro, Small and Medium Scale owners and he is hell bent or creation solutions that will ease business operations for them. He is joined by great researchers, technicians, and business developers. The Exzie team also have a pool of human resources to draw from and that includes contributors and advisors to the project. (Check the team information here https://exz.exzie.io/exzie-exz/), and finally
  5. A Big Market. There is a big market for Micro. Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, as this represents the greater part of most economies. Creating solutions that ensure their growth and expansion will result in big profit generation and also attract the interest of the global community. Exzie has shown the world what it can achieve and where it is going to in the nearest future, having developed various business solutions for business owners even before the end of its pre-sale.

 Exzie is inviting the public to invest in its project by participating in the Initial Coin Offering of EXZ cryptocurrency. Two million EXZs were developed using the Etherium ERC20 algorithm and are currently being offered for sale at $1 each. Exzie started the pre-sale of EXZ in February and ended it in May, giving only citizens of developing nations the opportunity of buying during that period. The main sale for Exzie is scheduled for June 22 at 19:00 GMT+3 (UAE Time).

You can join Telegram on  Telegram:- t.me/exziegroup

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