Theory by UAE Research Scientist (Theoretical Physicist) Reveals the Mystery of Universe Evolution Process and Discovered the Missing Links of Universe Structure.

Newly published Book “DMR Theory” (Dark Matter rotation Theory) in UAE could play the vital role to reveal the process of Universe Evolution and to understand the redefined Structure of Fundamentals of Science.

An entirely new Theory will open the new windows for science world that how can we see the entirely new picture of our Universe, it provides the links among all different structures of Universe e.g. Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Galaxy structure, Atomic structure, Speed of light, Universe expansion, Gravity mechanism and many more mysterious elements of our Universe.

Dark Matter Rotation Theory covers almost all major areas of Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology, and could works as “Gateway” to unwrap the whole story “From Atom Evolution to the Evolution of our billions of light years Universe”. 

DMR Theory (Dark Matter Rotation Theory) is actually the chain of 13 sub theories called “13 structures”every structure has its own unique mechanism based on “Dark Matter Rotation” andthrough combination of several structures DMR theory explains the whole mechanism of Universe.

This Theory describing the miraculous role of Dark Matter in evolution of Universe and explaining that:

  • How logically Atom created from Dark Matter.
  • How Galaxies are structured and based on Dark Matter Rotation Mechanism, without Dark Energy concept.
  • How Dark Matter based mechanics works as Gravity, a unified law for particles, Mass, Solar system, galaxies and for the whole Universe.
  • Why Core of planets or stars are still hot and alive over the billions of years. (Based on Atom changed behaviour in core).
  • How Dark Matter Mechanics create Gravity zones on Earth and on other planets.
  • Why Atomic clock runs faster in high gravity zone and run slower in low gravity area. (Based on Atom changed behaviour).
  • What is Black Hole structure and how it relates with Dark Matter Rotation Mechanism.
  • How logically Stars could take birth from Black Hole.
  • How Speed of Light 100% depends on Dark Matter Mechanism, and how speed of light could be different in other parts of Universe.

Unlike the other theories the “DMR Theory” is based on 100% logics and explaining everything under the law of Physics.

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