Take a break from everyday life with the hansgrohe world of fragrances

hansgrohe RainScent: A Fragrance Experience for the Shower that will Awaken the Senses

The new hansgrohe RainScent world of fragrances transforms a simple shower into a scented and sense awakening shower experience. For a moment, you can leave the rush of everyday life behind, unwind and recharge your batteries.

The five available fragrances are tailored to different moods and needs of end consumers and perfectly complement the scenarios of the hansgrohe RainTunes system.

“We conceptualise water in the bathroom in completely new dimensions with a focus on the individual and their multi-sensory experience. We would like to transform the bathroom into a tailored, highly personal oasis of well-being,” explains Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing at hansgrohe.

Fragrant Moments with Water

Emotional well-being is becoming more and more important to people. The need for rituals that slow down the pace of everyday life and restore balance continues to grow. The modern bathroom, in particular, has in recent years become a retreat, a place where we can let go and find ourselves. Multi-sensory experiences are also becoming increasingly important in all areas of life. New services and products therefore seek to nurture and foster body and soul. And engage all our senses.

RainScent fragrances are also an essential element of hansgrohe’s holistic and multi-sensory RainTunes shower experience.

There are five fragrance worlds to choose from: rosemary/citrus for an energizing and refreshing start to the day, and to relax after working out; soothing lavender to unwind and bring the day to a peaceful close; fruity pomegranate for the “Beauty” scenario; bergamot for an invigorating and revitalising burst of freshness; and the soft scent of fir for the “Nature” scenario, reminiscent of a forest walk.

The shower tabs are inserted into a case and placed on the floor. The case is specially designed for the tabs and ensures an ideal and steady release of the scent. The tabs are enriched with natural essential oils and dissolve completely in the course of a ten-minute shower.

The case consists of two parts, the body of the case and the lid. It is made of plastic, and the bottom part is manufactured using 3D printing technology. It is easy to clean, as it can be simply put into the dishwasher.

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