• Leading specialists caution Middle East patients on importance of preventative health measures

With a significant increase in life expectancy anticipated across the Middle East, leading Swiss medical experts are working to educate men in the region on the importance of preventative medicine and treatment.

Professor Jacques Proust, founder of luxury Swiss preventative medical clinic Nescens Clinique de Genolier, has dedicated his life to the science behind ageing and the practice of medical solutions to combat, reduce and reverse the process.

“Life-threatening conditions can increase exponentially with age and through the early detection and subsequent treatment to their symptoms we can positively impact the ageing process in men,” said Professor Proust.

“Genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors continue to affect us throughout our lives, however, some of the damage can be counteracted if action is taken before it becomes detrimental.”

The luxury clinic, which is exclusively dedicated to preventative medicine and anti-ageing treatment, has announced a 32% discount on its comprehensive introductory men’s health programme.

Originally costing CHF9,600 (AED35,562), the package has been reduced to CHF6,500 (AED24,078) and includes tests for hormone deficiency, osteoporosis and urinary tract disorders, as well as abdomen, pelvic and prostate scans.

The special offer, available to 31 October 2018, includes two nights in a deluxe room at Nescens Clinique de Genolier with full board, as well as a limousine service to and from Geneva airport, and assistance with visas. For more information visit

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