A holiday with beaches and summer equals so much fun and joy! True that everyone would crave a vacation or at least a weekend on the seashore amidst an exhausting lifestyle! Some people find it an ideal place for relaxing. Many others also love sleeping and listening to the soothing sounds of the waves. Beaches in Costa Rica can be a lovely place for having fun and taking kids to build some sandcastles. Around 1.7 million tourists visit Costa Rica each year. And a surf camp in Costa Rica should be the next holiday plan!

Surfing is one must-do adventure during a beach holiday. Though it may sound dangerous, with sufficient aid, any adventure sport turns easy and fun! For kids who stay indoors, being a couch potato, spending some time at the beach and surfing is beneficial and fun-filled. From recouping from obesity and relieving stress, surfing can offer multiple benefits for all ages. In addition, anyone having a poor sleep pattern can try surfing as a regular sport as it reports to help retrieve sleep patterns! In simple words, surfing can aid physically and mentally, relieves stress and is the best holiday adventure to do.

Pros of Surf camping

A surf camp in Costa Rica would await so much fun and recreation, everyone must try! Here is a list of benefits surfing offers,

  1. Happy heart

True that they say a joyful and playful adventure can make one happy at heart. But in reality, surfing truly keeps the heart healthy! Some ten minutes of the treadmill is good cardio? Yes, it is. But surfing is an incredible alternative and keeps the heart pumping. Surfing increases the heartbeat, which in turn improves breathing rate. An increased oxygen supply ensures an active body. So, remember the next time you are surfing, that it’s aiding the heart!

  1. Some Vitamin D on bonus!

Vitamin supplements and pills can never equal natural sources. That way, sunlight is the easiest and best vitamin D source. A deficiency of this vitamin causes bone degeneration, weakening them and resulting in rickets in kids. For anyone who stays locked inside their homes, surfing can be an escape to the outer world, grabbing some Vitamin D to the body as well! Surfing also helps develop a connection with nature and keeps one away from deficiency conditions.

  1. Get some new friends

Surely one will meet new and like-minded people at the surf camp. Moreover, it can act as a remarkable exposure for kids to meet diverse people and other kids of different ages, countries and lifestyles.

  1. Strengthens the core

Though surfing is a sport anyone can play, it requires high balancing skills. Sailing steadily on the surfboard helps in a seamless surfing experience. One can learn balance and is best for kids as well! It also helps to correct the posture and keeps the core in the right place. Hunching is a common condition most people face and do nothing about it! Positioning onboard and other surfing moves helps strengthen the muscles, keeping the spine straight!

  1. Stay out of stress

Any adventure sport requires attention and focus. So does surfing! Stress is a common medical condition these days. While many people are on medications to recover, enrolling on a surf camp can efficiently relieve stress in all the possible ways! Where would be the time to worry when one’s all on the board? Simply unplugging the beaches can offer so much relief and induce positive hormones!

Why wait when the beaches and surf boards can give an exhilarating summer experience? Don’t forget to take some sunscreen. Happy Surfing!

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