Summer Splash: 7 Stunning Attractions of Dubai 2019!

Summers are all about fun and happiness! Time should be spent playing on the sand, basking in the sun and being with your loved ones. Undoubtedly, summers in Dubai can be slightly on the hotter side. However, it is almost the same as any other month with a few degrees higher heat. The best reason to plan your Dubai trip in the summer would be the absence of unbearably long queues wherever you go!

As a low season, Dubai tends to maintain a calm yet vibrant atmosphere throughout! Enjoy more of pleasantly cool evenings, and sparsely crowded attractions. What more can you ask for! If the motivation isn’t digging hard enough yet, you should also know that most hotels and flight rates tend to be on the cheaper side during the summer as well! Read ahead to know what are the best places to go to during your summer vacation in Dubai! We have carefully picked the top places to be at during the hot summers where you can enjoy mindlessly!

1. Get a dash of snowfall at Ski Dubai!

How about an escape from the heat of the summer into an icy cold snowfall? Head over to Ski Dubai, one of the top attractions of Dubai where you can enjoy limitlessly playing in the snow and exploring the various adventures they have curated for you! Also, take advantage of the rare opportunity to meet the penguins in here with the exclusive pass. Trust us when we recommend this ice heaven as it will most definitely relax you from the heat and give you a grand time of adventure with your family!

2. Book a Weekend Getaway and get unlimited access to theme parks!

One of the many reasons that make Dubai interesting is the wide array of entertainment options offered to the crowd. During the summer if you are someone who would prefer to stay indoors, heading to a theme park is an excellent choice for you! You can try the Ferrari World, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Warner Bros or even the VR Park at Dubai Mall for an exceptional feast of adventures and adrenaline rush!

To take things up a notch, you can also book this amazing Weekend Getaway offer with the option where you can book a stay in a luxury hotel like the Crowne Plaza, Lapita Hotel or Radisson Blu and also get unlimited access to the theme parks of choice between Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros! Book ahead for some amazing combo offers and price drops to make your trip even better!

3. Be mesmerized by the Dubai Fountain show

The Dubai Fountain is a truly amazing display of technology and beauty that must be witnessed at least once in your lifetime. Head over to the Dubai Mall area or the viewing deck from Dubai Mall from where you can get an exceptional view of the fountain show every half an hour until 11 PM. The view of the fountains with the Burj in the background is truly exceptional and is not to be missed! If you would like a better view, you can book the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk or the Lake ride from Tripx Tours where you will be taken as close as possible to the fountain.

4. Pay a visit to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Who doesn’t like a taste of the ocean on their day off? Take a trip during this summer to the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo to witness over 140 species of marine creatures in their artificial homes. Make sure you do not miss the walkthrough the Aquarium tunnel where you can get a 270-degree view of the underwater world and let yourself be mesmerized! Book ahead to get great deals and offers such as 45% Price Drops!

5. Beat the heat at Aquaventure Waterpark

This one is for the lovers of water parks and sun. The Dubai sun can seem bearable after a splash at the cold pools at this grand waterpark. You can try the record-breaking rides and numerous fun slides at Aquaventure waterpark and enjoy your day endlessly! This park is also unique for the fact that it gives visitors a chance to witness sharks and rays and also unwind on the beautiful private beach of the Atlantis hotel. For a better-valued purchase, get the tickets ahead at prices as low as AED295 when you book from Tripx Tours.

6. Take a Dhow cruise with your loved one

The Dhow is a traditional Arabic boat that is now converted into a luxury cruise where visitors can enjoy authenticity with a touch of luxury. The Dhow takes a slow but beautiful cruise along the waters of the Dubai Marina or the Dubai Creek as per your choice of booking. You can open your hair and let the winds caress you and let you feel the bliss of Dubai nights. Book the Cruise of your choice at Dubai Marina or Creek to enjoy without regrets!

7. Take a desert Safari with luxury

What better way to experience the desert than during the heat? Visit the dunes of Dubai and indulge in a thrilling experience as you ride towards the camp in the middle of the desert. Book an AC tent in the middle of nowhere if you would like to feel a rush of cold after the mildly hot winds. The desert safari is one of the best ways to experience the pristine nature of UAE and also to get a real feel of how a desert is like. Book ahead based on your preference by choosing from the many options for desert Safari offered by Tripx Tours. You can visit at night, sunrise and even choose to stay overnight in the desert.

Beat the Heat!

You should know that Dubai heat is not unbearable and can be handled pretty well. The key to summers is the fact that the afternoons tend to be dry and hot while the evenings tend to be cooler. So the best way to enjoy your vacation in Dubai would be by enjoying indoor attractions during the morning and venturing out into the open air ones at night. All the protection you would need to do, is a slap on some sunscreen, carry a hat and a bottle of water to stay hydrated! So plan your holiday tour already, book ahead your destinations and continue to Explore with #NOREGRETS!

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