Stranger Things Season 4

Fans of stranger things have been awaiting the release of season 4 with bated breath. Netflix teased the fans with the release date tweeting “STRANGER THINGS. SEASON 4. AUGUST 21, 2021.’’

Fans showed the love for the show by retweeting, liking the post, and commenting about how much they are looking forward to it.

Netflix revealed the titles of the first few episodes. It would be called The Hellfire Club, and episode two is called Tick Tok Mr. Clock, while the third one is You Snooze You Lose.

The filming of the show stranger things has been delayed due to the COVID-19. Now the actors have resumed the shoot of season 4.

If you haven’t able to commit to this show yet, Here is a little rundown of the show-Stranger things is a show set up in 1983 in Indiana, where a 12- year boy named Will goes missing. Her mother Joyce leaves no stone unturned to find her son. Friends, family, and local authorities launch an investigation into the disappearance of Will. In the process of finding answers, they uncover mysteries, a top-secret government experiment, a strange girl, and much more.

You get to experience the 80s- the bell-bottoms, the era before the mobile phones. A mystery with a touch of horror, all ups and downs of childhood friendships, and a lot more.

Refraining from telling you more, unless you want the spoilers.

If you haven’t watched the show, you can catch all three seasons of Stranger things on Netflix UAE.


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