For the Smile that Matters: Cosmetic Demands in Australia

The development of opportunities and needs had brought in specialists in every field. One such area that has gained due importance over time is Dentistry. At first, it was focused on a treatment for pain, root canals, crowning, etc. The later ascension of cosmetic dentistry took over the field of dentistry.

It focuses on the art of improving the appearance of teeth gums and the wellness of teeth, its colour, and the appearance of the mouth. In research by Markets and Markets, it was estimated to be a major trend in Australia by 2020, concerning the increase in demand and acceptance among the consumer.

This article will give an idea of the various features of cosmetic dentistry that are on the trending list in Australia.

Dental Implants

One reason for the rise of cosmetic dentistry in Australia is teeth replacement. The ageing population of Australia is the main reason behind this. Somehow, the present baby boomer generation is more concerned about losing teeth and a flaw in their appearance.

The reasons for tooth loss is due to cavity or periodontal disease. Periodontal or gum disease is an infection caused in the tissues that hold the teeth in place. According to the National Health Survey of Adult Oral Health in Australia, about 53.4% of the people aged above 65 have periodontal disease.

There older people are more concerned about teeth loss than money and are going for teeth replacements. They are choosing implants than dentures, which are easier to manage and more appealing.

Teeth Whitening

It is the most common sort after the procedure in Australia. A study from Roy Morgan has revealed that 93% of the grocery buyers in Australia have resorted to whitening toothpaste in six months. It is a cosmetic process that removes the stain and discolouration of teeth to make them more appealing.

In Australia, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used for the procedure, which does not damage the enamel. There are two major types of teeth whitening products available recommended by the cosmetic dentists in Australia

  1. Take-home products- A mixture prepared by the cosmetic dentists can be taken home and used by the patient itself.
  2. In practice products- Applied by dental professionals.

Porcelain Veneers

They are thin transparent covers that envelop the tooth surface to improve its appearance. They are glued or bonded over the existing teeth either after orthodontic treatment or directly. Veneers help in reshaping the teeth that are either very small or misshapen.

There is a thin line between orthodontic procedures and cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic surgeon would be well aware of all the procedures of branches, aligners, and elastics. Braces are still a popular way to strategic teeth in Australia. There is also a demand for 3-D modelling, planning, and printing among the younger generation.

Fashion Trends 

The advancement in fashion has influenced a change in teeth style also. Cosmetic dentistry across the world is in massive demand for endorsing various fashion statements. Some of them include tooth gaps, gold teeth, and grills on teeth. Teeth jewellery is the most common in Australia, where a diamond or any other stone is attached to a tooth surface for a fashionable spark.


Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field in Australia and is in high demand. The advancement in technology has provisioned for more development in the area according to the public’s needs.

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