Smart Glass – a perfect solution for your beautiful home and office glass windows in the UAE

It seems like the use of glass in building construction isn’t ever going to get old and out of trend. How large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors spruce up living and working spaces is simply wonderful. Besides adding to the beauty of the space, the use of glass also makes it look bigger besides being a source of natural light. Here are a few building design goals that the use of glass achieves:

Views and vistas

Besides providing protection against the outside elements – rains, winds, temperature fluctuations – the glass windows and doors provide unhindered views of the outside. We all know how majestic the corner offices in a high-rise building look when they sport big glass windows providing views of the bustling metropolis. The views become more breathtaking when the office or home is surrounded by nature.

Natural light

Besides views, the glass doors and windows also allow natural light in the buildings and rooms, making space look brighter and more appealing. In addition to its countless health benefits, natural light also helps reduce power bills by lighting up space naturally. It also makes offices more productive by delivering a fresh feel to the working environment.

Sense of space

The use of glass also makes the most cramped of spaces look bigger and brighter. Big glass doors and windows are an essential part of a design for smaller offices and living spaces such as flats and apartments. The natural light and unhindered views don’t block the sight giving the dweller a sense of spaciousness in an otherwise constrained living and working environment.

The challenge

Despite all benefits, the use of glass also comes with some challenges. To maintain privacy, curtains or blinds must be installed that may compromise the open look that the designer or dweller may have strived to achieve. Plus, the glass may not be good at keeping the outside heat or cold effectively away from the space, thus causing the added expense of heating or cooling the space. This holds especially true for Dubai where outside temperatures often reach scorching extremes.

A transformative solution

Smart Glass in Dubai delivers the right solution to all these problems. For example, a Switchable smart film lets you switch between clear and tint effects on your window glass with just the press of a button. Plus, you can control the amount of light you want to let through the window glass by adjusting the opacity of the film from a hand-held remote control.

This frees you from the use of blinds and curtains for privacy while not compromising on large windows, outside views, and natural light on demand. Moreover, its range of Window Films including Tinted heat and solar control films in various colors, shades, and transparencies provides privacy, safety, and temperature control. Since the weather in the UAE remains very hot during the summer, heat rejecting films can help you in reducing the heat.

Where to get these smart Films in the UAE?

There are various emerging companies in the UAE that offer smart and switchable film solutions. “In the UAE, you can have a trailblazing product that’s of the highest importance in this time of Covid-19 crisis. The Antiviral Films are made from a special grade of Copper Laminate, can effectively kill a range of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes” stated by Mr. Anand Kumar, a consultant from EAST West Smart Glass Dubai. “The film can be applied to glass, as well as various other surfaces to provide protection against the most notorious of microbes” he further said.

You can also purchase some advanced car window tints that protect you, your passengers, and the car’s interior from the harsh sun and its harmful UV rays. Besides, it also protects against the heat during the daytime. Available in clear, tinted, and reflective finishes and materials, these car window films provide you with the right kind of protection that you, your family, and your car needs.


The glass looks cool and has countless benefits when it comes to effective and sustainable building design. And with cutting-edge smart glass, any challenges associated with the use of glass can be efficiently met. Such products give you as well as the builders and developers the confidence in using glass without fear. Glass has been, and will always be, one of the most essential ingredients of a building and technology is helping promote its use further.

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