Sleek and Elegant Home Accessories for Bedrooms

Home Accessories for Bedrooms

Choosing the home appliances for the bedroom can be tricky unless you know your requirements specifically. Apart from the air conditioner, heater and the fan, the most preferred home accessories are the aroma oil diffuser and the lighting equipment. Once the designs you choose for the Kitchen accessories & appliances match with the bedroom interiors you can think of the technical and functional specifications in detail.

Aroma Oil Diffuser

Aroma oil diffusers are used for spreading the essential oil fragrance and ingredients within your bedroom. They eliminate the toxic elements present in the air molecules and enhance the healthy conditions. You can use many types of essential oils like the rosewood, jasmine, basil, clove etc. Using herbal based oils can help in elevating your mood and make your body and mind to relax during sleeping hours.

Bedroom Lighting

Having a bedside table lamp can help to concentrate better while reading. Choose a design which matches with the table and the bed. Junction model of table lamp is highly useful in spreading ambient light across the entire room. The brightness factor is higher near the surroundings and it decreases with distance. A lamp with height of 50cms to 55cms can keep your table bright without disturbing your spouse on the other side of the bed. You may choose wood, copper or bronze finished lamps depending on your requirement. The ceiling light design can be pendant, island, recessed, chandelier or other custom forms.

If your bedroom ceiling has any architectural designs, you need to model the lamps so they can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the structure. Choosing the colored lamps can alter the ambience levels within the bedroom. Make sure you avoid dark colors which could affect your mood in a negative manner. Contrasting colors with your bedroom walls can be considered to enhance the appeal and sense of relaxation.

Air Conditioners

The air conditioners for your bedroom need to be compact in size unless you have a master bedroom of 100 square feet or more.  Wall mounted models are preferred as they help balancing privacy within the room. If you have a smaller bedroom of less than 50 square feet you can opt for portable air conditioner. The standard ton and cooling capacity requirement is stated to be 650BTU/Hr for each person. The airflow vent adjustment needs to be based on oscillating fans within the home accessories interiors.  If the device allows you to rotate the air flow direction through 180 degrees you can consider it to be efficient in design.

Make sure you don’t fix the air conditioner home appliances in eh ceiling or beneath the bed level as both positions can cause health hazards in the long run. Always fix the device to the left or right of the bed at a convenient height on the wall. Air conditioner with automated switches can be useful as they help save energy consumption. If the device comes with dehumidification option you can certainly consider it as an added benefit for your bedroom needs. Some of the devices can work in ventilation mode without cooling which is a useful feature during winters.

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