His Excellency Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez was recently appointed with the award Books of Peace 2019 by UNESCO and FUNVIC related to his humanitarian aid and his long career in diplomacy.

This prestigious award was conferred to 10 relevant people around the World who contributed relevantly to the field of human rights and diplomacy.

His Excellency Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal is one of the Top Influencers of Middle East because of his development of commercial and institutional relations in the Gulf Region on the last 2018.

As a humble Christian man who started studying law in Europe he became a relevant personality in the Middle East and Arab countries, the reason why now he is a fundamental liaison between both cultures.

Since the creation of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf on July 2018, he could create a network with governments and entities from Asia and Russia that allow increasing the image of the Prince of Assaf for being known Worldwide.

On January 2019, His Excellency gets the possibility to participate and speak in some meetings coordinated by the World Economic Forum in Davos who opened him the door to develop the relations with Russia and the Middle East.

After that, he could organize with Johnson Edman Advertising some events in Davos 2020 under the Royal Patronage of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf for the 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum.

Although he is a man of business, he always takes care of people who have not lucky in life.

In the case of His Excellency, he started in human rights with the project “30 Smiles with history” of the photographer of National Geographic Rafael Plaza helping children with rare diseases in Spain.

In 2017, he started working feed aid children in India, Africa, and Iraq and helping in education in Brazil and Iraq. Because of his job with children he was recognized by some entities in the private and public sector as well as academics and governments.

Nowadays he is considered as one of the best philanthropist of the Middle East since 2017 and one of the World Global Faces of 2019 by the support of Nelson Mandela Foundation.

FUNVIC – Fundação Universitária Vida Cristã is a non-profit private educational foundation, headquartered in the city of Pindamonhangaba, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil; located in the main socioeconomic axis of Latin America, located between the two largest cities of Brazil, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Founded in 2005, with the purpose of promoting and assisting in educational, cultural, religious and healthcare development, in the health area; it may also conduct research, sports activities, promotion of citizenship and conservation of the environment. Born from divine inspiration, the institution’s mission is to transform dreams into reality, professional activities in great business opportunities, and improve the quality of society and family life, contributing to the development and sustainable growth of the nation and other peoples and nations.

FUNVIC, through its Basic and Higher Education Institutions and its Basic, Graduate and National and International Graduate Programs, in the areas of biological, exact and human sciences, has the objective of preparing and training professionals for the Brazil and other foreign countries with excellence in knowledge and with skills in various specialties to meet their respective professions and demands of the globalized world. It focuses on forming human beings rich in scientific knowledge and Christian principles.

About the project of FUNVIC, in the year 1997, the end of the 20th Century, Prof. Dr. Luís Otávio Palhari realized the need to create in the Vale do Paraíba a quality teaching institution based on Christian principles, noble human values ​​, and moral ethics.

The Project was presented to the local and state government, which showed an interest in supporting this initiative, also obtaining an endorsement of the various segments of society. The site was chosen by God, being a plateau on the banks of the Presidente Dutra Highway, linking São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro; where he started the implementation of a University Educational Campus of FUNVIC.

After the construction of its first Unit, consisting of classrooms, laboratories, Central Library and the Administrative Sector; received a visit from the Commission of Evaluators of the Ministry of Education, which reported favorable to the establishment of the Faculty of Pindamonhangaba, and was approved by Ministerial Decree No. 1,855 of June 26, 2002 and published in the Official Gazette on June 27 of 2002.

In November 2002 it held its first Selective Process “2003”, and opened its doors to the Community of the Region at the beginning of the school year 2003, with the Undergraduate Courses in Pharmacy-Biochemistry, Dentistry, and Pedagogy. In 2004, more new undergraduate courses were approved, being: Administration, Physiotherapy and Information System. Since then, it has not stopped growing, implementing courses in the three areas of knowledge, including engineering and technology, and expanding courses in health areas.

After the success of the Faculty of Pindamonhangaba, in 2005 the Palhari Family founded the Christian Life Foundation, which later became a Christian Life University Foundation, known as FUNVIC, which in 2008 became the main sponsor of the Faculty of Pindamonhangaba.

The excellent results obtained by FUNVIC had repercussions in the city of Mococa / SP, where Sebastiana Menechino Palhari, a teacher from FUNVIC and the mother of Professor Luís Otávio Palhari was born; where FUNVIC was invited to take over a School and a Faculty of Municipal Foundation.

During all these years, FUNVIC has achieved important results, both for basic and higher education. FUNVIC has always stood out as one of the best institutions in teaching quality between the institutions of the Metropolitan Region of the Paraíba Valley and North Coast, according to the evaluation of the MEC, and international awards and certifications.

The FUNVIC School of Mococa has won many gold, silver and bronze medals in the School Olympics, through its students, being in Elementary School and High School.
The event of his recognition by UNESCO and FUNVIC will be held in Rome, 14th September in the headquarters of FUNVIC Europe.

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