‘Shoulder man’ brings relief for chronic UAE sufferers

  • Top surgeon says it takes 20 years to know when not to perform shoulder surgery

Help is on the way for chronic sufferers of shoulder pain in the UAE who fear the prospect of being rushed into surgery when alternative treatment may bring relief.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Dominique-François Gazielly has treated tens of thousands of patients, but only 7,500 have undergone surgery.

“It takes five years to know how to perform surgery on a shoulder, it takes 10 years to know how to perform surgery on a shoulder well, and it takes 20 years to know when not to perform surgery on a shoulder,” said Dr. Gazielly.

The French orthopaedic surgeon based at the Nescens Clinique de Genolier in Switzerland has earned the moniker of ‘Shoulder Man’, and his highly specialised services will be available at Sharjah’s Al Qassimi Hospital from 3-13 September.

Dr. Gazielly said his return to the region was encouraged by the special bond he had developed from treating Middle Eastern VIPs and government officials throughout his career.

Of the 7,500 that have undergone surgery, the majority were treated with arthroscopic microsurgery, a minimally invasive surgery consisting of tiny incisions. All of his other patients have been healed or stabilised through physical rehabilitation.

Dr. Gazielly said the three-step approach he takes with all patients determines what level of care or treatment is needed.

“First we must establish a precise clinical diagnosis,” he explains, “This is done through clinical exam, specific radiological imaging, and most importantly: by listening to the patient. Then, depending on the age and needs of the patient, we will discuss all different therapeutic options.

“It is essential to let them know that there are more options than those involving surgical intervention.

“Finally, it is important for the patient to understand that rehabilitation is the key to a good result, with or without surgery. Physical exercise guided by a skilled physiotherapist is paramount.”

Dr. Gazielly heads the Shoulder Center at Nescens Clinique de Genolier, a luxury Swiss clinic exclusively dedicated to preventive medicine and anti-ageing programmes, employing experts with over 20 years’ experience in the field.

For more information on Dr. Gazielly, please visit www.drgazielly.com or contact him directly on: +41 22 366 91 91 – dfgazielly@genolier.net.

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