Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Invites Retail Companies to Take Part in 2017 Ramadan Festival

  • The festival offers special facilities and promotions to participant companies

In preparation to launch the Sharjah 2017 Ramadan Festival (May 27-June 30), SCCI held a meeting with the representative committee of the Shopping Centers Sector Working Group. The meeting aimed at discussing the marketing plan and parallel events for the festival, as well as the special support and promotional facilities offered by the chamber for the success of the event.

During the meeting, SCCI revealed facilities offered to participating retailers, including permits, promotional campaigns, and billboards placement. The facilities also include a diversified advertising blend in various cities around the emirate of Sharjah, targeting all social segments and age groups.

The meeting was attended by Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations and Marketing at SCCI; Hamad al Lawati, Head of the Representative Committee of the Shopping Centers Sector Working Group; Hanaa Hamoud al Suwaidi, Head of the Festival and Exhibitions Department; and Amjad Awad al Karim, Head of the Working Groups at SCCI. In attendance were also Lina Hamad, Director of Marketing Operations at City Center, and Badriya Mohammed, Marketing Director of May City Center, Nasiriyah, representing shopping centers.

Al Jarwan invited shopping centers and malls to benefit from the extensive facilities offered on this occasion, and dip into the booming retail sector expected every Ramadan, making the festival a great opportunity for shopping centers and retail stores.

The annual event, Al Jarwan highlighted, reflects SCCI’s commitment to strengthening partnership with the private sector. SCCI is keen to enhancing the commercial sector and supporting sales and marketing during the holy month, by means of initiatives and promotional programs that support the economic growth of Sharjah.

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