Shalimar Sharbatly Displays Her Latest “Moving Art” Creations in Dubai.

Dubai hosts the first “Moving Art” gallery on April 18th, 2019. The gallery will be organized by “Artyles Wafa Aldekhail” at “Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery” and will include Shalimar Sharbatly latest “Moving Art” Creations, where it will include a selected unique collection of hand-drawn “Brand Shalimar” bags, shoes and leather jackets carefully chosen from the most important and elegant international brands. And so, moving her exclusive artistic creations to the city of Dubai. 

The gallery will also include pieces of the world’s finest and purest natural leather, exclusively designed for Italian company “FOGLIZZO” who design an elegant and exclusive car, private plane and formula one racing car leather. Shalimar and “FOGLIZZO” were arranged with to display a large piece of high-quality, hand-drawn natural Italian leather in the gallery so leather furniture can be designed from it to be used in hotels and mansions. This is a first-time event which promotes the spread of “Moving Art” on leather products for everyday use.
On this occasion Artist Shalimar Sharbatly said that Saudi businesswoman Wafa Aldekhail, Artyles owner, organizing this event is a turning point in the spreading of “Moving Art” in the Gulf area. And choosing Aisha Alabbar’s art gallery to introduce this art to Arab women is an important addition, where the gallery is an important platform that helps international artists, leaders and contemporary, display their unique artistic creations and solidify their international status. This will help expand the spread “Moving Art” around the world especially in the UAE and the Gulf Countries and turn it into everyone’s focus of attention, making “Moving Art” an added aesthetic to the beautiful, luxurious and rare products that were carefully selected out of keenness on singularity. There is only one version of each product.
Shalimar confirmed that the experience of painting on natural leather is a great challenge and completely different from painting on a canvas, where leather is a continuous challenge for a brush concerning colors and the precision of the drawing. She added: “When I first started painting on cars I thought it was challenging, but with the experience of painting on leather I discovered that handling a brush on natural leather surpasses handling it on a car concerning precision, focus, and control and it requires craftsmanship and great skill from the artist.
From her end, Saudi businesswoman and styling consultant, the founder of “My Choices” and Owner of Artyles Wafa Aldekhail expressed her happiness to host the first “Moving Art” gallery in The Gulf. She said that the leading “Moving Art” Artist Shalimar Sharbatly aims to turn art into a lifestyle and aims to bring out the fine art hung on walls into the space of regular lifestyles which enriches taste, lavishes sight and adds a beautiful artistic to passing visual experiences. So international brands took an interest in this form of art, which pushed “Artyles Wafa Aldekhail” to organize this gallery and “My Choices” corporation to take sponsorship of “Brand Shalimar Sharbatly” in the Gulf Countries. This is to provide the Saudi and Gulf markets with the finest leather products in the creativity of the international leader of “Moving Art”. Aldekhail expects the gallery to have a unique attendance that suits the elegance of the exhibits, which will contribute to entering “Moving Art” into different daily life and spatial uses. 
It is worth mentioning that Artist Shalimar Sharbatly is currently preparing to participate in the largest fine art painting on natural leather, which will be displayed in World Formula One Grand Prix held annually in Paris on the participating race cars. Where the painting will be used in making the leather seats of the Formula One race cars in cooperation with Italian Company “FOGLIZZO”.

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Address: Warehouse 101, al Quoz 2, Near to Alkail gate, Dubai

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