Savor authentic seafood this Ramadan with Sardina

While you might already have a favorite seafood restaurant here in Dubai or maybe shuffling between some recommended places from close one, Sardina is redefining the seafood dining experience this Ramadan. In 8 months now, Sardina’s name has grown to establish an ultimate dining experience and leave a mark on everyone’s sense of appetite. Expose yourself this holy month to more than 50 different middle eastern seafood dishes all rich in exquisite flavors and unprecedented presentation as well as experiencing a choice from 5 different cooking styles that stretch to include Radda, Potatoes, Salt, Fried and Tagines style all unique and flavorsome in a way!

This Ramadan, Sardina is setting the bar high and offering you irresistible dishes and offers for you to enjoy the holy month with top-notch delectable seafood dishes. For starters, we’re offering an all you can eat promotion during weekdays throughout the month for only 149 AED, which is quite the catch if you come to think of the cravings which leave you confused what to order on an Iftar table or even the variety of dishes you can indulge in for the same value. Another perfect bundle to live the Sardina experience is our perfectly tailored set menu which is available every day during Ramadan and features a minimum of two appetizers designed to leave you on your toes waiting for a flavorful main-dish followed by an equally appetizing dessert and drinks alongside this perfect meal bundle.

Our menu is full of signature dishes to enrich your taste buds with wholesome ingredients precisely picked from the market to measure up to Sardina’s high standards of cooking. Our wide range of signature dishes include some stand-out plates as Sardines with almonds, pastrami shrimps and seabream with almonds and shrimps. Our dishes present themselves as the guilt-free delicious option for those looking for a delightful seafood meal, yet watch out for their calories and dieting regimen.

Many may argue that a combination of attention to detail, creative cooking, and value for money is hard to find and there is only one way to find out and that is to pay Sardina a visit and understand why we’re the talk of the town! 

For more information on Sardina, visit @sardinaseafoodrestaurant or call

+971 4 339 0444.

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