Save the Planet’ workshop a feature of children’s festival opening day

Educating young minds about the importance of saving Earth’s natural resources was the subject of a children’s workshop on the opening day of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2017). Presented by ‘Nutty Scientists,’ a UAE-based initiative that teaches youngsters about science and the environment, the ‘Save the Planet’ session saw its junior participants learn about why water was essential for life on our planet and find out about the best ways to conserve what is its most precious commodity.

Presenting the workshop was Najwa Zein, who handed out various items to be used in an experiment that showed just how water functions in the Earth’s ecosystem. She demonstrated how water is absorbed into the ground and seeds were placed into earth-filled cups to demonstrate how plant life is sustained.

“Plants are a not only a vital source of food, they also produce oxygen which we all need to breathe. Along with sunlight, water is essential for plants to grow and flourish. This is why this workshop is so important – it educates the next generation who will soon be the custodians of our planet about why we should all be conserving water,” said Najwa Zein.

Included in the Save the Planet workshop were tips and advice for the children on how they could prevent water wastage, such as by turning off the tap when brushing their teeth and using less water when playing in the garden. The session also spoke about the concepts of sustainability, recycling and the importance of leaving a healthy Earth for future generations.

Save the Planet is just one in an array of workshops taking place as part of the ‘Kids’ Activities’ programme at SCRF 2017. Running from April 19-29 at Expo Centre Sharjah, the ninth edition of the festival is being held under the theme ‘Discover Beyond’ and features a line-up of 2,093 activities. A total of 123 exhibitors from across the world are displaying their literature-related products and services at the event.

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