What is the role of a PR agency?

Below are key pointers to explain the role of a PR agency to business owners and marketers:

  1. A PR agency is essentially is a consultancy that provides communications advice to its clients. The client may be the brand, a business, or an individual. When hiring a PR agency, a company should always keep open to recommendations from the PR to have its ideas challenged. It is important for both the agency and the client to work together for maximum results.
  2. The marketing department or a team member within the client’s company will manage the PR agency to strategize its communications policy. The PR agency acts as an extension of the marketing team of the client and manages its image. The PR team from the outside gives a ‘bigger picture’ to the client and helps them tackle challenges overlooked within its organization.
  3. Everything that you do – from offerings, audience, objectives to strategy will all be developed by the PR agency. In simple terms, the PR agency will create and define who you are and what you do, and for whom. They will make sure the client has an identity of its own in a crowded market.
  4. A PR agency will handle and manage your reputation in the media – through a set of communications tools. These tools are earned media for eg. articles and reviews, paid media, advertorials and sponsored content, social media promotions through influencers engagements, and other digital marketing techniques such as SEO, and email marketing.
  5. The PR agency will deliver upon the targets set by the client through ‘outputs’ the number of earned articles, interviews, and views/social media shares of the said coverage. An agency will ensure the increase of traffic/brand awareness of the client’s brand through its PR strategies.

References: Top hints have been taken from Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_relations  and Hype Communications, a PR Agency from Dubai.

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