Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the computer lab in Pakistan Embassy College in Beijing today. After the inauguration of computer lab, the Chief Minister addressed the students and faculty members and said that all the computers of Pakistan Embassy College have been given by the Punjab government; because it’s an age of IT. “You should best utilize these computers, and I am hopeful that you will benefit from the latest trends of knowledge through these computers.”

The Chief Minister said that One Belt One Road is a joint leap towards making the world a global village; and added that Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a unique programme. This programme does not meant for the supremacy of any country, but a collective effort for achieving a unanimous goal. This programme is a commitment to take along left behind nations in journey to development. He said that the facts have proved them wrong, who were spreading rumors with regard to the CPEC.

CPEC is a project of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, Punjab, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. CPEC is a project of 20 crore people of Pakistan. He said that the Chief Ministers of four provinces have given a collective message by attending the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, that we are united for the development of Pakistan. There may be differences, but politics should not be made at the cost of development and prosperity of the country. He said that CPEC is the property of the people of Pakistan; and it’s being protected by the people of Pakistan. He said that CPEC agreements were signed in April 2015; and today, many of the projects have set new world records, with regard to speed, quality and transparency.

Many projects have been completed, while others are near to completion; and work is in progress, day and night, on other projects. He said that this has been unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. What China has done for Pakistan and its people has no resemblance. He asked students to work hard, as Punjab government is spending its precious resources on your studies. “You should make hard work the sole purpose of your life. Punjab government has sent you to learn Chinese language; therefore, you should learn Chinese language, with hard work and gain commend over it. It is my commitment that the people doing hard work with honesty achieve successes in their life.”

He further said that the students would act as bridge between Pakistan and China, by studying Chinese language; and added that it is your duty to make Pakistan move forward.

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