Public Speaking’ winners and finalists share tips for success at the 100th Tristar Toastmasters gathering

Over 300 Toastmasters in the UAE joined members of the Tristar Toastmasters Club, to celebrate their 100th meeting and six-year anniversary.  Five inspirational speakers from different countries shared important tips on how to become better listeners, better speakers, better leaders and ultimately world champions.

The audience listened to the 1995 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) winner, Mark Brown from the US; 2011 WCPS second-place winner Kwong Yue Yang from China; 2016 WCPS finalist Kaishika Rodrigo from Sri Lanka; 2017 WCPS finalist Saveen Hedge from India; and sought-after public speaker in ‘Humor in Communication’ Chendil Kumar from India.

Tristar Toastmasters club also celebrated its 6th year anniversary with a cake-cutting ceremony in the presence of the past President of Toastmasters International, Mohammed Murad, who is a distinguished Toastmaster. Murad is the only Toastmaster from the Middle East who has held this prestigious position.

Eugene Mayne, Group CEO of Tristar Group, gave a video message encouraging all Toastmasters to achieve their full potential to contribute to the growth of their self, their organisations and the communities in which they live.

 Kwong Yue Yang was the first speaker. He spoke to the audience about the art of ‘thinking, editing and speaking’ for active and effective listening.

Chendil Kumar or CK as he is popularly known, made the audience laugh with every point he raised. Amidst the humor, CK managed to ask a very pertinent and eye-opening question that everyone should ponder on – “Am I relevant?”.

Saveen Hegde interacted and engaged the audience while reiterating that “what we do and who we are, should match.”

Kaishika Rodrigo delivered an inspirational yet humorous speech about her journey from competing at the club level up to the finals of the WCPS.

Mark Brown recounted how he was given a second chance in life when he was starting his family and career in the US as an 18-year old immigrant from Jamaica with only USD40 in his pocket. His speech entitled ‘The Dash’ explained that the dash between a person’s birth and death symbolizes the life story of every person in the world.

According to Eugene Mayne: “Over the years Tristar has made much progress in business and in building an outstanding team of people from diverse nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We as a company are very proud of our people and I am very happy that we had record participation of Tristar employees in this celebration as we mark our 100 meeting of our Toastmaster’s club. Toastmasters runs quality leadership training programs that target aspiring leaders as well as people in leadership positions who want to improve their skills. We have experienced excellent results from this programme which has helped us to develop leaders from within the organization.”

The Tristar Toastmasters Club is part of Tristar’s ongoing employee development programme to turn employees into effective communicators and enhance their leadership skills by encouraging them to participate in the club’s fortnightly meetings.

Biju Varughese of the Victoria Toastmasters Club in Sharjah, commented: “I am happy that I attended the meeting as it was very informative, and I learned valuable lessons. Congratulations to the Tristar team for conducting a successful and inspirational 100th meeting.”

The event took place on Friday, 23rd February at the Emirates Headquarters Auditorium on Airport Road.

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