Personalization of Service and Product Key to MICE and Luxury Industry in 2018

  • Sponsors of MICE Arabia and Luxury Travel Congress applaud platform for business opportunities

Sponsors of the upcoming MICE Arabia and Luxury Travel Congress (MALT Congress) shared insights on industry trends and the potential of the GCC market with its Dubai- based organizer, QnA International.  This is the 6th consecutive year that influencers from the world of conferences, meetings, incentives, events, business and luxury travel will convene under one roof for the region’s exclusive two-day event.

The dynamic MICE and luxury travel industry is ever-evolving to customer needs and industry developments, which makes it imperative for professionals in the industry to keep innovating bespoke products and services. According to the sponsors of the MALT Congress, personalization of product and services is expected to be a key trend that will be instrumental in both the MICE and luxury tourism sectors. “The need for personalization and understanding of individual guest needs will become essential to developing enduring personal relationships because guests with an emotional attachment to a property are more likely to be satisfied,’” explained Marek Bukala, Director, ZanziResort.

The concept of personalization has changed from its initial avatar in which small but important changes including cuisine offered, services such as check-in times and tailor-made leisure packages were aligned to client preferences. To develop emotional engagement with guests, “There should be rich experiences that tie guests to the destination and are immersive, behind-the-scenes activities with local experts at the destination” added, Boris Jablan, Owner and Executive Director, 3e Travel DMC, Montenegro. However, the personalization trend in the MICE sector will be practiced differently through, “Alternative solutions for leisure activities such as yachting, sailing, golf and others,” commented Lale Eranil, Director, CORMEP.

Yet, executing personalization is a difficult task requiring ample training of hospitality staff along with the development of product and service offerings to cater as per guest requirements. Instilling the requisite levels of care and flexibility can be a tough balancing act that only seasoned hospitality professionals may know the art of. “We have an experienced team, used to working with bespoke travel in close cooperation with our guests and clients,” noted Dag Kastensson, CEO, SNE Northern Europe—a Swedish destination management company. “Yet, we constantly create new ventures and trend setting programs while offering solutions never thought of before,” commented Kastensson, underscoring the importance of continued innovation regardless of providing guests with personalized services.

Innovation in hospitality whether in product or services continues to be a major trend in the industry. But the element of personalization is further driving hospitality professionals to be more innovative in delivering personalized products and services to their guests while maintaining costs. As such, “The level of competition is high in both the MICE and luxury tourism sectors, not because of waning demand, but because of increasing abundance of choice. Therefore, it is understandable how personalization will be a major trend in the industry. This is really good from the client’s perspective, but for the hospitality operator it means continued innovation and differentiation of care—all of which are topics slated for discussion at the 6th annual MALT Congress,” explained Sidh N.C, Director, QnA International.

The 6th MALT Congress will host seasoned professionals who will share their knowledge and experience over a two-day conference that will also include a B2B platform. Emphasizing the importance of the B2B platform, the sponsors were full of praise for its format and potential.

Eranil said, the “B2B platform is very important for our business as it is the best opportunity to explain our products and services to our customers directly. It is also very important because it offers us the chance to get to know our customers very well and understand their needs.” Kastensson added that that the “Pre-qualified face-to-face meetings are essential in our business.” Further, Puspha Rao, Managing Director, Over the Horizon, Mauritius pointed to the fact that, “An invitation to the decision maker increases the chances of closing a business deal on the spot”

The Middle East region’s exclusive business platform will return with the world under its roof for its 6th annual edition from 27-28 February 2018 at RIXOS Premium Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

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