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In a world where our privacy is becoming increasingly non-existent, you might as well have nothing to hide.

CyberMedia Intel is the #1 public-provider of (Personal) Social Media Screening’s and has helped increase employment/college-acceptance rate’s across the board. Over the year’s employer’s, college’s, and law-enforcement agencies have been using Social Media Screening’s to deny employment, college-acceptance, and legal-freedom. The Trump Administration is even planning on using these screening methods against immigration visa applicants. There is no option, but to either delete your Social Media account’s or buy your (Personal) Social Media Screening to easily access year’s and year’s of flagged content that our software identified damaging material related to:

Drug-Use, Drug-Reference’s, Hate-Speech, Bad Language, Weapon’s, Open-Alcohol, Explicit Content, Racism, Incriminating Selfie’s, or Criminal Activity. The software allows us to incorporate a constantly updated list of keyword’s or phrase’s, as well as image-recognition technology to identify threat’s to your professional reputation. In your Personal Report, you can delete the flagged content, save it, list as private, or finally un-tag yourself from those incriminating party-selfies. The younger generation is not mindful of what they are posting publicly online for everyone to see. We need to be more aware of how our online identity is being used against us to deny us employment, college-acceptance, and legal-freedom. When it come’s down to two individual’s, and one of them is using derogatory comment’s on Social Media than that person will be profiled and denied opportunity based on that seemingly insignificant decision. Stop posting publicly on Social Media, delete your account’s, or buy your (Personal) Social Media Screening only at cybermediaintel.com

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