People may vary in their dreams and aspirations, but they all share one thing: they all want to be happy.

This book provides complete guidance and tested tips to take you from a stage of puzzlement and confusion to a superior level of eternal happiness. It takes you on a journey from the various definitions of happiness across history to the most contemporary descriptions of it in our world. It guides you in a journey through the “Royal Phase” of happiness.

Hoda Elsobky reveals her success strategies which will help you to discover where true happiness lies and how you can make it last forever.

In this book, you will find the tools, steps, and actions you need to take to get all the happiness and success that you deserve.

It will help you go the extra mile, not only to be happy but to stay happy!

Dare to Be Happy is a profound resource. It helps us in a multi-dimensional way to formulate, understand and develop our human skills and reach a stage of complete contentment in life”.

         Azza El Ashmawy

         Secretary General

         National Council for Childhood and Motherhood


About the Author:

Hoda Elsobky was born in Cairo, Egypt and graduated from The American University in Cairo in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She majored in economics with a minor in business administration. Later, she received an MBA in marketing.

Her greatest interest lies in the fields of philosophy and positive psychology, with a focus on self-help and wellness. Above all, she is passionate about happiness as a way of living!

She has worked in multinational IT companies in Egypt, like IBM and Oracle, in a sales, marketing and business development capacity, from 1994 till 2005. At that point, she flew with her husband to live in Vienna for three years and then to Dubai. There, she discovered her passion for writing.


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