What are Partial Dentures, and Who is the Most Suitable for It?

Dental implants are a wonderful invention in the world of oral health and wellness. These are an artificial tooth that can be attached or inserted into a patient’s gums in place of a missing tooth. In other cases, the implants are placed along the jawbone and thus require a more elaborate surgical procedure.

There is one variation of dental implants, and it is called partial dentures. Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane are particularly prominent because they are included in the benefits covered by the Australian Healthcare services. According to the Department of Health of Australia, approximately 1 in a cluster of 25 people aged 15 years and older have barely preserved their natural teeth.

Brisbane is known as the capital of Queensland, with a sunny and inviting subtropical climate. It is home to some of the most world-renowned tourist attractions. These attractions include the Moreton Bay Marine Park, the Mount Tambourine Wine Tasting Tour, or the North Stradbroke Island. Healthcare is also big in Brisbane.

People who travel to the city are entitled to either a discounted or free-of-charge health care service. The said perk is made possible by the country’s system for public health care called Medicare, as well as the provisions of the recently signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements.

Partial dentures are removable. Compared to a permanent or complete denture, it looks more natural and is recommended if the patient still has several other teeth intact along their upper or lower jawline. It is connected to a plastic base with the same colour as a person’s gums. It is removable, and it also does not affect the natural alignment and placement of the wearer’s teeth.

The material used to create partial dentures are typically acrylic and metal. The said materials are perfect for enabling comfortable chewing when eating, and it also does not affect how one articulates words and sentences.

When are partial dentures recommended?

Partial dentures are applicable for patients who have one or two missing teeth. A missing tooth in between a set of natural and intact teeth leaves a gap. The gap significantly affects the force and pressure when a person bites or chews. It also affects the speech of a person.

As such, partial dentures conveniently cover up these gaps and enable fast and quick recovery from the missing tooth. They also involve a less elaborate and invasive procedure, making it perfect for patients who live a busy or hectic lifestyle. As such, it provides instant relief and comfort without disrupting the remaining healthy teeth of the person who wears it.

Similar to complete dentures, proper care and maintenance are also needed for partial ones. Proper and regular brushing and flossing after meals help keep food particles from sticking to the implant and diminishing its quality. It would also be best to ask dentists from Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane to recommend toothpaste and mouthwash that are gentle and non-abrasive to the denture. Otherwise, one might end up using a toothpaste that is too harsh.

Partial dentures are highly effective and convenient in restoring one’s beautiful smile. More importantly, it is fairly affordable and therefore suits young adults and old people. Some dental procedures are quite expensive and involve a more intense form of surgery. If you are looking into the option of partial dentures, try checking with your local dentist to check whether you qualify for the procedure or not.

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