How Your Packaging can Get You Better Reviews for your Online Business

Your packaging gives your clients the first impression of your brand. Unfortunately, no matter how good your products are, people tend to give a lower rating for subpar product packing. So, from packaging down to your product should scream high-quality.

Good reviews will help your business grow, so here are some ways to get better reviews with just your packaging:

Packaging is Your First Impression

The Mailer bags that your product comes in are the first thing your clients will physically see about your brand. Not only does it secure your products, but it will also ensure that the items are safe from damage, and it gives your brand an edge of having a well-thought-of concept.

People also post video reviews on platforms such as Tiktok, from the opening right down to the actual product review. So custom bags for your products will earn you a lot of good reviews.

Pack Like its Art

One reason why people become so curious about a new brand in the market is its aesthetic presentation when it comes to packaging. Rather than simply wrapping the items in bubble wrap, you can add a few touches that will make your clients go wow even before getting to their item.

You can add personalized thank you notes, some small freebies, stickers, or by using decorative tape. When your client sees the effort that you made just by packing, then you are guaranteed good reviews for your business.

Watch Packing Content on Social Media

You might have already seen some online businesses taking videos of how they pack their items. It would be helpful to watch these accounts so that you can get some ideas on what mailer bag or bubble wrap you can use or how they arrange their items for packing.

There are a lot of great ideas out there; you just have to look for the one that is to your liking, and most importantly, fits your brand.

Provide an Unforgettable Experience

To get your clients to give your business good reviews, your brand should focus on the product and the experience that customers get when buying from you. Going above and beyond to provide superb customer services will not only be for good reviews but to encourage recurring customers to also recommend your business.

Brand reputation is not all about producing quality and competent products in the market. It is just as important to give your customers an experience worth going back to and worth spreading around to make your business stand out.

Use Sustainable Packaging

If there’s anything ringing in everybody’s ears nowadays, that is the amount of waste that parcels from online purchases produce. What’s worse is that most of the materials used for packing are not recyclable.

Using recycled packing materials can attract more customers that will give you great reviews. Businesses that use sustainable packaging are likely to please clients and encourage them to leave reviews on your eco-friendly shop.

From custom mailer bags to client experience, there are a lot of details you should be paying attention to when running an online business. First impressions do last; that’s why it is just as important to consider the type of bag your package comes in. Not only does it protect your products from tamper and damage, but it serves as your brand’s physical introduction to your customers. So, make sure you put in a lot of thought to consider the type of bag or packaging to use.

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