Omeir Travel Agency offers 104 complimentary Umrah packages for service members in cooperation with the General Command of the Armed Forces during Ramadan

In the spirit of giving in the Holy Month of Ramadan, Omeir Travel Agency, one of the largest and most renowned travel management agencies in the UAE, and the flagship company of the reputed Omeir Bin Youssef Group, is providing 104 complimentary Umrah packages that include travel cost, accommodation and transportation to the members of the UAE armed forces.

This initiative, held in collaboration with the General Command of the Armed Forces, underscores the agency’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility, and to the values of charity, and generosity, values that characterize both the people of the UAE and the holy month of Ramadan.

Abdullah Bin Omeir, CEO of Omeir Travel Agency, reiterated the importance of this initiative, which underscores the pride that UAE nationals have in the UAE Armed Forces, who defend the nation with their lives. Bin Omeir said: “This initiative that offers complimentary Umrah packages to the heroes of our armed forces is a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices of our courageous soldiers and a reaffirmation of our unwavering vision that places community action at the top of our priorities. We constantly strive to be a national travel agency that understands all the needs of our customers and works to provide them with the best possible service.”

Omeir Travel Agency offers a variety of travel services to its customers. Its portfolio includes corporate travel management, travel services for the private and public sector, as well as personal travel services. Omeir Travel Agency strives to actively innovate its technology and practice to meet industry standards and ensure fast, efficient, and a more personalized user experience. The agency also has a 24-hour customer service center in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to meet the requirements of customers in different time zones across the world, reflecting the agency’s excellence and leadership in the country.

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