“There is nothing to lose in doing something you love” Q&A WITH RETZDE BROOKS

A Q&A with Retzde Brooks: Writer, Language Coach and Entrepreneur

Retzde Brooks is an entrepreneur, Language Coach, and author. She holds a Bachelor of  Science in Business Administration, is an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws and is the owner of her own business. She is also currently enrolled at Leicester University, studying for a Diploma in Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

 Among her other talents, Retzde is also a budding author, once winning a couple of school competitions which gave her the impetus to continue writing down her thoughts. She has recently compiled and published her first book of poetry, The Poetry of Azenith Rose and is currently working on her second book “Twists and Thorns” and her first romance novel.

In her free time, Retzde enjoys traveling around Europe by car, listening to country music, writing and public speaking. She also has a desire to help those less fortunate, donating to a wide range of charities that appeal to her, and is not beyond helping a homeless person in need of a hot meal.

She would also describe herself as something of an adventurist, taking on challenges that would seem insurmountable and regardless of the odds, partly due to the stubborn streak that runs through her and partly because she is unable to accept defeat.

In the future, Retzde wants to continue writing and sees romance novels as her best chance of having her work made into a film or TV production that would reach an even greater audience.

Here are some fun facts about Retzde Brooks and her book:

Jess: What makes “The Poetry of Azenith Rose” different from “Twist and Thorns”

Retz: The Poetry of Azenith Rose set forth the beauty of the rose itself. It is inspirational and motivational. On the other hand, Twist and Thorns uncover the thorns of life. Not a chapter completed that tears did not chase down my face.

With my first book, I wrote it whilst watching the sea, it was inspired by the morning dew in Madrid, my short-lived visit to Italy, the Austrian Alps and my favorite place- Prague.

“Twists and Thorns” on the other hand was written in my room and nowhere else. I turned off the lights and just left my Himalayan salt lamp on and then my pen took over. It has to be dark and the silence has to be deafening because I needed to pour out all the pain so I could pen down the emotions needed for the piece.

Jess: It seems like your poetry revolves around a rose, why is that?

Retz: A rose signifies life, cliche as it may be, a beautiful rose comes with thorns, just as I am, just all we are, we all have thorns but that makes us all nothing but a beautiful rose.

Jess: You are very down to earth, would you mind sharing with us your most embarrassing moment your readers can relate.

Retz: Well, this happened in Austria. I knew no word of German, I needed to use the loo. I was prompted with two toilet signs that showed “Herren and Damen” My not so smart common sense told me “Damen is for men because of DA-MEN” and “Herren is for women because of the feminine pronoun “HER”. I ended up the men’s loo. I was raised to act like a lady so I said “Morgen” to the gentlemen as a way of polite greeting. He was just on his way out and I went on with it- used the men’s loo. As a language coach and as a lady, any other crazy things I might have done or might do in the future will pale in comparison to this experience.

Jess: You seem to strike as an intimidating woman yet your book is very soft and mellow, can you explain the contrast?

Retz: Just like a rose, we have thorns and we have the petals too. I need to be tough, a lot of people on me- my family and my parents are not getting any younger, it is my turn to take care of my Ma and Pa and the one of my own, my own self to top it up. I was raised to depend on no one so that’s why I appear tough. The future of my clients depend on me, I can’t be weak no matter how suffocated I am, I can’t let emotions cloud my judgment or get in the way. But deep down, I am soft. Let’s leave it that way.

Jess: Any parting words?

Retz: Nothing more than “There is nothing to lose in doing something you love.”

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