nola –choices for vegans, po’’ boy sliders and more

What do Chickpea Cakes, Dirty Shrimps, Saucy Lamb Chops and a Cheese Vurger have in common? They’re just a few new items Nola introduced to its menu this summer.

The menu will include a Po’boy Sliders section featuring unique twists on the New Orleans classic Po’boy. Expect to see anything from Chickie Wah Wah pulled chicken sliders to Dirty Shrimp sliders perfect for people more interested in socializing than having a full meal.

The menu will also highlight plenty of Vegan items that simultaneously dazzle and nourish. Proving that you can create fabulous yet effortless plant-based dishes that will fit any need, whether you are completely vegan or simply would like to add a few darn good vegan dishes to your weekly repertoire.

Chef Ilias says, “The new add-ons will bring a lighter fare ideal for sharing when out in big groups and will complement the long-loved dishes that everyone keeps coming back for”.

Another alteration is the new Guac name, “GuacaNola” celebrating the twelve tons of avocados ordered by the kitchen every year.

Overall, the team meticulously worked on the recipes for weeks, but the results are outstanding and will sure turn heads around for serious food lovers and the social crowd alike.

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