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“There is nothing to lose in doing something you love” Q&A WITH RETZDE BROOKS

A Q&A with Retzde Brooks: Writer, Language Coach and Entrepreneur

Retzde Brooks is an entrepreneur, Language Coach, and author. She holds a Bachelor of  Science in Business Administration, is an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws and is the owner of her own business. She is also currently enrolled at Leicester University, studying for a Diploma in Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

 Among her other talents, Retzde is also a budding author, once winning a couple of school competitions which gave her the impetus to continue writing down her thoughts. She has recently compiled and published her first book of poetry, The Poetry of Azenith Rose and is currently working on her second book “Twists and Thorns” and her first romance novel.

In her free time, Retzde enjoys traveling around Europe by car, listening to country music, writing and public speaking. She also has a desire to help those less fortunate, donating to a wide range of charities that appeal to her, and is not beyond helping a homeless person in need of a hot meal.

She would also describe herself as something of an adventurist, taking on challenges that would seem insurmountable and regardless of the odds, partly due to the stubborn streak that runs through her and partly because she is unable to accept defeat.

In the future, Retzde wants to continue writing and sees romance novels as her best chance of having her work made into a film or TV production that would reach an even greater audience.

Here are some fun facts about Retzde Brooks and her book:

Jess: What makes “The Poetry of Azenith Rose” different from “Twist and Thorns”

Retz: The Poetry of Azenith Rose set forth the beauty of the rose itself. It is inspirational and motivational. On the other hand, Twist and Thorns uncover the thorns of life. Not a chapter completed that tears did not chase down my face.

With my first book, I wrote it whilst watching the sea, it was inspired by the morning dew in Madrid, my short-lived visit to Italy, the Austrian Alps and my favorite place- Prague.

“Twists and Thorns” on the other hand was written in my room and nowhere else. I turned off the lights and just left my Himalayan salt lamp on and then my pen took over. It has to be dark and the silence has to be deafening because I needed to pour out all the pain so I could pen down the emotions needed for the piece.

Jess: It seems like your poetry revolves around a rose, why is that?

Retz: A rose signifies life, cliche as it may be, a beautiful rose comes with thorns, just as I am, just all we are, we all have thorns but that makes us all nothing but a beautiful rose.

Jess: You are very down to earth, would you mind sharing with us your most embarrassing moment your readers can relate.

Retz: Well, this happened in Austria. I knew no word of German, I needed to use the loo. I was prompted with two toilet signs that showed “Herren and Damen” My not so smart common sense told me “Damen is for men because of DA-MEN” and “Herren is for women because of the feminine pronoun “HER”. I ended up the men’s loo. I was raised to act like a lady so I said “Morgen” to the gentlemen as a way of polite greeting. He was just on his way out and I went on with it- used the men’s loo. As a language coach and as a lady, any other crazy things I might have done or might do in the future will pale in comparison to this experience.

Jess: You seem to strike as an intimidating woman yet your book is very soft and mellow, can you explain the contrast?

Retz: Just like a rose, we have thorns and we have the petals too. I need to be tough, a lot of people on me- my family and my parents are not getting any younger, it is my turn to take care of my Ma and Pa and the one of my own, my own self to top it up. I was raised to depend on no one so that’s why I appear tough. The future of my clients depend on me, I can’t be weak no matter how suffocated I am, I can’t let emotions cloud my judgment or get in the way. But deep down, I am soft. Let’s leave it that way.

Jess: Any parting words?

Retz: Nothing more than “There is nothing to lose in doing something you love.”

 You can purchase Retz’s book on Amazon:


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GEMS Education’s GCSE students celebrate outstanding results

Students from 16 GEMS Education schools have recorded another successful year of GCSE results after a round of challenging examinations.

In 2019, GEMS schools hosted a record 2,800 students who sat over 17,700 IGSCE/GCSE examinations.

Across the GEMS network, 357 students achieved the highest ‘9’ grade with 46 per cent of students achieved at least an A* grade across all schools. Of all grades achieved across the GEMS schools, 20 per cent were at A* (9-8) and 67 per cent were A*-B (9-5).

GEMS Education schools have once again affirmed its ability to raise the bar and attain outstanding results, highlights included:

  • Jumeirah College achieving an extraordinary 78 grade 9s and 95 per of grades at A*-B.
  • GEMS Wellington International School with 89% of grades a A*-B.
  • GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis with 84% of grades at A*-B and 53 per cent of students achieving a grade 9.
  • GEMS Wellington Academy with 82% of grades at A*-B.
  • Wesgreen International School, Sharjah with 75% of grades at A*-B.
  • GEMS Metropole with one in five students achieving a grade 9 and 64% of grades at A*-C.
  • The Westminster School Dubai with 60% of grades at A*-B.

Sir Christopher Stone, Global Chief Education Officer of GEMS Education said: “I would like to congratulate all of our students upon their outstanding results in both their IGCSE and GCSE Results. These reflect, not only the hard work and determination of these young people but, also, the dedication of our staff and the wonderful support and encouragement they are given by their parents. We wish all our young people every continued success in their future endeavours.”

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The six-camera live-stream will cover all tournament games at Forfarshire Cricket Club including the two semi-finals and the final, providing an opportunity for fans to engage with the tournament and follow the battle for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 two qualification spots.

The live-stream will be available on ICC’s digital platforms and will be complemented by short form video highlights from all other matches via the same platforms, marking the most comprehensively covered Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier.

In addition, the short form video highlights will also be available to the world’s media via the ICC’s Online Media Zone.

Fans will also be able to keep up with the action via live scores, latest news, team news and blogs on t20worldcup.com, the ICC mobile app and the T20 World Cup social media pages/channels.

Speaking on the coverage of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier Aarti Dabas, Head of Media Rights, Broadcast and Digital, said: “For the first time ever we are live streaming ten matches of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier, this a huge step forward in our ambition to creating more exposure and role models for women’s cricket and getting the game to more fans across the world ahead of Australia 2020.

“With two places at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 at stake, the ICC are providing significant coverage leading into the next World Cup to grow the reach and engagement of women’s cricket. Whether it be via live stream, video highlights, live scores, news or analysis across our platforms, we are giving fans an opportunity to engage further and we are continuing to build on the momentum from the 2018 ICC Women’s World T20.”

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier matches to be live-streamed:

31 August: Bangladesh v PNG (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 10h00)
31 August: Scotland v USA (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 14h00)
1 September: Thailand v Namibia (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 10h00)
1 September: Ireland v Netherlands (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 14h00)
3 September: Ireland v Thailand (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 10h00)
3 September: Scotland v Bangladesh (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 14h00)
5 September: A1 v B2 (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 10h00)
5 September: B1 v A2 (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 14h00)
7 September: 3rd v 4th Place Play-Off (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 10h00)
7 September: Final (Forfarshire Cricket Club, 14h00)

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HP’s Powerful Gaming Line-up Now Available in the UAE

Making its regional debut, HP Inc. showcased a powerful line-up of its latest OMEN and Pavilion Gaming innovations, raising the bar for high performance gaming. Invited to a hands-on experience of the company’s full range of gaming products, gamers, influencers and partners gathered at a warehouse in Al Quoz in Dubai, UAE.

Speaking about the full OMEN range, Peter Oganesean, Managing Director, UAE and East Africa at HP Inc. said, “The expansion of our gaming portfolio serves as testimony of our continuous commitment to the gaming community. With the growth of the gaming industry in the region, we have recognized that gamers have an increased appetite for more powerful and innovative products. With that in mind, we have introduced a much stronger line-up of laptops, accessories and displays, giving our end-users an opportunity to witness the highest levels in terms of product design, form-factor, engineering and performance.”

A clear highlight, and a favorite of the many gaming enthusiasts in attendance, was the OMEN X 2S Laptop, which is the world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop. The OMEN X 2S shakes the very foundations of what can be expected from a gaming laptop, with tremendous multi-tasking capabilities and dedicated hotkeys. The laptop, packed with features designed to target the needs of gamers, provides the edge needed to perform at the highest levels of the regional gaming elite.

Speaking about the OMEN X 2S Katia Merheb, Personal System Consumer Category Manager at HP Inc. Middle East, said,  “Research suggests that 82 per cent of people use their mobile phones for messaging during gaming sessions, a whopping 61 per cent listen to music, while 49 per cent even watch game related live streams, video content or browse websites1.). Leveraging this data, we designed the OMEN X 2S, a product that introduces the world’s first dual screen gaming laptop to our region, opening up an entire new world for gamers and how they interact in-game.”

“Adding to the already impressive features, the OMEN X 2S offers gamers a real-time screen mirroring option that can cut and magnify parts of the main screen – including copying the map portion of a racing game – to the second screen,” she added.

The dimensions and composition of this powerhouse are equally impressive with a thickness of 20 mm and a full metal chassis that makes it the first 15-inch diagonal gaming laptop in the world to come with an applied liquid metal compound to the thermal system by way of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. The result is phenomenal heat dissipation at 10 times the thermal conductivity of silicon thermal grease, up to a 28 per cent frames-per-second (FPS) performance boost over traditional grease when testing in Apex Legends, and an 8.5 per cent faster lead time in a Blender Benchmark test.[i]

The laptop features OMEN Tempest, an overhauled advanced thermal solution powered by a 12V fan, which utilizes three-sided venting to enable five-way airflow to keep things ultra-cool. Realistic visuals are delivered by support for up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 and features Max-Q6 design. Additionally, multitasking and grand-scale games – which take mountainous resources – have never been smoother, with up to the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 high performance mobile processor, powered by up to 5.0 GHz Turbo8, eight cores and 16 threads, and up to 32 GB of RAM.

Additionally, this week at Gamescom, HP unveiled powerful OMEN software and services along with new OMEN and Pavilion Gaming hardware, all designed to create legendary gameplay experiences for all level of players. With the introduction of Coaching, and new OMEN Command Center gaming services, players never stop improving and perform at their best. Beyond powerful gaming software and services, HP announced new displays and accessories including the esports ready OMEN X 27 Display, OMEN Mindframe Prime Headset, OMEN Encoder Keyboard and a variety of soft goods from the growing OMEN Transceptor line of accessories. Pavilion Gaming also makes its mark with the DIY friendly Pavilion Gaming Desktop, Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800 and HP’s first AMD powered CPU for a gaming laptop in the Pavilion Gaming 15. This portfolio is rounded out with the HP 22x and HP 24x displays, ideal for gamers looking for quality while on a budget.

The event showcased the availability of several laptops, desktops, accessories and displays that include: OMEN by HP 17 Laptop, OMEN by HP 15 Laptop, HP Pavilion Laptop, OMEN X Emperium 65 Display, OMEN X 25 Gaming Display, OMEN by HP Chair and OMEN by HP Mindframe.

Pricing and Local Availability:

  • OMEN X Laptop is expected to be available mid-September for, starting from AED 11,599
  • OMEN by HP 17 Laptop is expected to be available by end of August, starting from AED 10,099
  • OMEN by HP 15 Laptop is expected to be available by end of August, starting from AED 8,399
  • HP Pavilion Laptop will be available by end of August, starting from AED 3,599
  • OMEN X Emperium 65 Display is expected to be available by September, starting from AED15,299
  • OMEN X 25 Gaming Display is expected to be available by September, starting from AED 1,899
  • OMEN by HP Chair is now available at all leading retailers for AED 1,299
  • OMEN by HP Mindframe is now available at all leading retailers for AED 699
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  • The owner of each Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner to be presented with special key case upon collection
  • Includes bespoke 1:18 model of W.O.’s personal 8 Litre car created especially for this commemorate case
  • True collector’s item to mark Bentley’s centenary year
  • Handcrafted from Dark Stained Burr Walnut and Piano Black veneer
  • Limited edition of 100 Mulsannes created to pay homage to founder W.O. Bentley’s famous final 1930 design, all of which have been allocated

Mulliner, the bespoke coachbuilding division of Bentley Motors, has handcrafted 100 unique key cases to commemorate the handover of each Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner. This special limited edition Mulsanne pays homage to the founding father of the company and includes a slice of crankshaft from W.O.’s personal car.

Inside the key case, there is a range of memorabilia to mark the extraordinary milestone in the history of the luxury automotive brand, including a bespoke 1:18 model of W.O.’s personal 8 Litre.

Accompanying this special souvenir, a flying ‘B’ paperweight, displayed adjacent to a set of three keys, and a printed brochure with never-seen-before imagery of the 1930 8 Litre. The finishing touch to this commemorative gift is added with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Bentley Chairman and CEO, Adrian Hallmark, and director of Design and Mulliner, Stefan Sielaff.

Built to pay homage to Bentley’s founding father, the limited edition model is inspired by the famous 1930 8 Litre – the last model W.O. designed for Bentley Motors – with the key case featuring many of the same design elements.

Separated by a chrome pinstripe, the case is handcrafted using the same Dark Stained Burr Walnut and Piano Black veneer, perfectly complemented by a Fireglow Heritage hide pull tab that matches the red interior of the Mulsanne W.O. Edition.

The polished exterior is engraved with the years 1919-2019, to mark this extraordinary centenary, and an elegantly illustrated silhouette of a Bentley Mulsanne. The delegate addition of W.O.’s personal signature pays a fitting tribute to the innovative founder.

Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner – A Truly Unique Car

Bentley Motors is demonstrating the beauty of bespoke with a new, limited edition Mulsanne.

The Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner pays homage to the founding father of the company and incorporates a genuine piece of Bentley history inside every car. A slice of crankshaft taken from W.O. Bentley’s personal 8 Litre model is beautifully displayed inside each of these 100 very special Mulsannes.

Designed to mark Bentley’s centenary milestone this year, the W.O. Edition can be specified on any of the three-model Mulsanne range.

Key features on every W.O. Edition include a colour split interior cut from Heritage Hide, elegant body-coloured wheels and a handcrafted cocktail cabinet in the rear, featuring the unique slice of crankshaft set into the armrest.

Mulliner – Rare by Design

Mulliner exists to respond to the requirements of Bentley’s most discerning customers. Any type of personalisation can be undertaken to create a unique Bentley of individual taste.

Mulliner’s roots date back to the 1500’s – the firm’s original focus was creating luxurious horse-drawn carriages. In 1923 Mulliner showcased work on a Bentley chassis for the first time, exhibiting a two-seater 3 Litre Bentley at the Olympia Show in London – just four years after Bentley Motors was founded.

In 1953, Mulliner coachbuilt one of the most iconic Bentleys ever – the R Type Continental. This model inspired the design of today’s Continental GT. In 1957, Mulliner introduced the Continental Flying Spur, a special four-door saloon built on the Bentley Continental chassis. Mulliner officially became part of Bentley Motors in 1959, setting up its workshops in Crewe.

Bentley’s Centenary – 100 Years of Extraordinary

In 1919 Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley created a company with a simple objective: to build “a fast car, a good car, the best in its class”. This guiding principle has driven Bentley ever since, pushing the brand forward and making it the leader in automotive luxury around the world today.

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The fourth generation of the RS icon: the new Audi RS 6 Avant

  • High-performance Avant for all purposes – sportiness and practical benefits
  • 0 TFSI twin-turbo V8 with mild hybrid: high power meets high efficiency
  • 441 kW (600 PS), 800 Nm, 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds

25 years of RS, 25 years of high-performance station wagons from Audi: With the new Audi RS 6 Audi Sport is ushering in a new chapter in the history of the high-performance Avant. Even more power combined with increased efficiency thanks to mild hybrid system turn the RS 6 Avant into the perfect companion for any purpose.

“Throughout our 25-year RS history, the Audi RS 6 Avant is one of our absolute icons with a large global fan base,” says Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “We will also be offering the RS 6 Avant in North America for the very first time. As such, we will be tapping into a new market with huge potential and generating further growth.”

Broad and powerful: the exterior design

The body style, which is unique in its segment, proves alluring the moment you set eyes on the new Audi RS 6 Avant, even when stationary. The RS model sports an emphatically differentiated design compared with the A6 Avant base model. With the exception of the front doors, roof and tailgate, the exterior is made up solely of RS-specific parts. The body, which has been widened around 40 millimeters on each side with its broad flared wheel arches, emphasizes the sporty flair and the distinctive character of the high-performance Avant. The 22-inch wheels accentuate the striking proportions.

The new RS 6 Avant is one of the first Audi Sport models to feature the new RS design language. Its entire front-end is differentiated to the maximum, providing a distinctive look within the A6 model line. In addition to the new hood together with powerdome, the RS 6 Avant also adopts the front headlights from the A7 model line. These not only come with a flatter, sportier expression, but also offer the option of the RS Matrix LED laser headlight with darkened trims as an additional USP of the RS 6 Avant in the A6 family. Similar to the LED rear lights, they feature a dynamic turn signal along with RS-specific sequencing when the vehicle is locked and unlocked.

The three-dimensional honeycomb structure within the Singleframe grill is finished in gloss black. In combination with the much flatter and wider geometry, this reinforces the athletic look of the RS 6 Avant. The Singleframe surround and the quattro logo in the bumper have been eliminated. Below the standard LED headlights, side air inlets open on the strikingly drawn new RS bumper and extend almost into the lower edge of the headlights. The designers have taken their cue from the front-end of the Audi R8 supercar.

Supreme power package: the engine

The 4.0 TFSI in the new Audi RS 6 Avant delivers 441 kW (600 PS) and 800 Nm of torque, which is maintained at this high level between 2,100 and 4,500 rpm. In just 3.6 seconds the high-performance station wagon sprints from zero to 100 km/h. And in a mere 12 seconds the RS 6 Avant reaches 200 km/h. Top speed is electronically governed at 250 km/h. With the optional dynamic package, the RS station wagon does up to 280 km/h or even up to 305 km/h with the dynamic package plus.

Thanks to the 48-volt main electrical system the twin-turbo V8 combines maximum performance with high efficiency. The cylinder on demand (COD) system is also onboard as another efficiency component.

For all its efficiency the 4.0 TFSI develops a sporty, voluminous V8 sound. The driver can influence the engine sound using the Audi drive select system. The optional RS sport exhaust system with black tailpipe trims ensures a maximum sporty sound experience. In the customizable RS1 and RS2 modes, customers decide themselves whether the sound should be sporty or balanced.

Large choice: infotainment, assist systems, colors and materials

The new RS 6 Avant comes with extensive comfort, connectivity and driver assist equipment. In this way, it combines consistent sportiness with unlimited long-distance capability and assists the driver in many situations.

The paint range for the new Audi RS 6 Avant comes with thirteen colors, including the two RS-specific colors Nardo gray and Sebring black, crystal effect along with a choice of five matt effect paint finishes. The exterior mirror housings come standard in black and are optionally also available in the body color or matt aluminum. The matt aluminum, black and carbon styling packages change the vertical blades, the horizontal splitter, the sill inserts, roof rails and window slot trims as well as the rear diffuser trim. The Audi rings and the RS logos at the front and rear can also be finished in gloss black as an option for the black and carbon styling packages. The Audi exclusive range offers numerous other customization options.

The new Audi RS 6 Avant will go on sale in the Middle East dealerships in the course of the second quarter 2020.

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On Behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal will Sponsor Souk Okaz Ceremony and Crown Poet of Okaz

On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal bin Abdulaziz, Advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and the Governor of Makkah Region, will sponsor the Souk Okz Ceremony, as part of Taif Season. His Highness will be in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) and chairman of the Taif Season Committee, excellencies, ministers and diplomats, and leading intellectuals from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Taif Season is being held under the Saudi Seasons umbrella, organized by the SCTH, and the concert is scheduled to include a musical opera that evokes the origins of Souk Okaz 1,500 years ago, and the transformation that have happened subsequently, including the emergence of Islam, the growth of Arabic dialects, and the multiplicity of cultures and arts among Arab peoples.

His Excellency Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib, said that the sponsorship of His Highness Prince Khalid al-Faisal at the Okaz Market ceremony was natural, because of his interest in poetry, culture, creativity, and Arab and Islamic civilization. His Highness had also played a very important role in the launch of the revived Souk Okaz and his support and attention continued with the transfer of the market to the SCTH.

His Excellency explained that Souk Okaz has made a big leap this year, as the market doubled visitors, with events added that enrich the tourist experience. The new events help provide visitors with more information and entertainment, and bridge Arab culture, history, industries, and food and folk art, in the past and the present.

Souk Okaz this year contains an “Arab Quarter,” which represents 11 Arab countries, a historical market, the Knights of Okaz, Okaz Boys, a language and culture arena, a music arena, and the development of Okaz Avenue. In addition, the market has enriched the area dedicated to productive families, and restaurants and cafes, while the main theatre can accommodate 2,800 spectators.

Al-Khatib said Taif is worthy of the title of “Arab Resort,” as it has all the natural elements of tourism to occupy a prominent place in the tourism map in the Kingdom, and hence it was planned as one of the Saudi Seasons.

He stressed the need for continued efforts to pump more investments to turn Taif into an attractive tourist destination, pointing out that the high demand witnessed by Souk Okaz market and other events in the season is a catalyst for investors to increase support. The sons and daughters of Taif have had the most important role in Taif Season and they are a shining example for all the Kingdom’s sons and daughters, he said.

 He urged those who had not yet been able to visit Taif Season to seize the opportunity and visit during the coming days.

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Cummins President and COO Rich Freeland Retiring Four Current Cummins Leaders Being Appointed to New Roles


Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced today that President and COO, Rich Freeland will retire after forty years of service with Cummins.

As part of Cummins’ successions plans, the following leadership appointments are also taking place, all of which are effective October 15.

  • Distribution President Tony Satterthwaite will succeed Freeland as President and COO.
  • Components President Tracy Embree will succeed Satterthwaite as Distribution Business President.
  • Chief Technical Officer Jennifer Rumsey will succeed Embree as Components Business President.
  • Jim Fier will succeed Rumsey as Chief Technical Officer.

“I want to personally thank Rich for his many contributions to Cummins and his friendship and support over the 25 years I have known and worked with him,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc. “He is one of the most effective leaders in Cummins history because of his ability to connect with customers, develop our employees, and his deep understanding of nearly every element of our business. Equally impressive to me is that Rich has accomplished these things in an unassuming, humble manner. He has an unrelenting commitment to our core values and always makes the right decisions for our business, for our people and our communities. His positive impact is vast, and Rich will be missed by many, many people inside and outside of Cummins.”

“I also want to congratulate Tony, Tracy, Jennifer and Jim on their new roles,” added Linebarger. “They are all incredibly talented leaders who have demonstrated their ability to lead people, drive results and make Cummins a stronger company, and a better place to work. I am excited for each of them and looking forward to working with them as we drive our company forward focusing on our growth plans and continuing to deliver value to our customers and all our stakeholders.”

Rich Freeland:

Freeland joined Cummins in 1979 as a second shift foreman in the Parts Distribution Center in Columbus, Indiana, the day after his graduation from Purdue University. Freeland spent his entire 40-year career with Cummins. Over his career, Freeland successfully led three of Cummins’ five business segments and he was responsible for all of Cummins’ global operations as Chief Operating Officer, a position he has held since 2014. Freeland will also resign from the Board of Directors of the company, effective October 15, 2019.

Tony Satterthwaite

Tony Satterthwaite, currently the Distribution Business President that employs approximately 16,000 people worldwide, will succeed Freeland as President and Chief Operating Officer of Cummins. Satterthwaite joined Cummins in 1988 and has held leadership positions throughout the company’s businesses and operations.

Prior to his current position, Satterthwaite led Cummins Power Generation from 2008 to 2015. Under his leadership, the Power Generation business unit engineered the power industry’s only full range of large stationary generator sets to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current Tier 4 standards. The business won major new military contracts, expanded the product footprint and invested in new technologies.

In addition to successfully leading two global business units, Satterthwaite has worked relentlessly over his career to solve problems that drive business results and improve customer satisfaction. Satterthwaite has a strong reputation for understanding the details of Cummins’ business at all levels. He has lived for extensive periods in Asia, Europe, and the US and has visited nearly every one of Cummins’ locations throughout his long career.

Tracy Embree

Tracy Embree will succeed Sattherthwaite as Distribution Business President. Embree has led the Components Business for five years, bringing the business to record sales and profitability. Under her leadership, the component product lines expanded to include transmissions. In addition, Cummins has grown market share around the world. Embree has held many leadership roles in different areas of the business, including several critical customer-facing roles.

Jennifer Rumsey

Jennifer Rumsey will succeed Embree as Components Business President. Rumsey has served in technical leadership roles since she joined Cummins in 2000 and currently serves as Chief Technical Officer. Rumsey has held roles in engineering leadership, new product program leadership, controls, aftertreatment technology, advanced engineering, and quality. Rumsey has been involved in some of the most important products and technologies that the company has developed over the last 19 years.

Jim Fier

Jim Fier will succeed Rumsey as Chief Technical Officer. Fier has been with Cummins for more than 30 years and is a highly accomplished engineering leader. In engine development, Fier is recognized as one of the most technically skilled and experienced engineers in the industry.

Fier has demonstrated the ability to build strong teams and cultivate confidence and credibility among our customers and many different partners across the industry.

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GMC “Forgotten Toy”: Raising Awareness around the Risks of Rising Temperatures and Unattended Children in Cars

Keeping safety at the heart of its business, GMC has rolled out its “Forgotten Toy” campaign to raise public awareness around the dangers of leaving children unattended in a vehicle, even for a short period of time. Every year, multiple fatalities in cars are reported around the world, and the Middle East is no exception with outdoor temperatures hitting near 50°C and indoor car temperatures rising up to an additional 30°C in less than 15 minutes.

A common and dangerous practice, leaving children unattended in cars with the windows rolled up has resulted in numerous critical injuries and fatal cases over the years around the world. Studies have shown that children’s bodies tend to heat up 3 to 5 times faster than adults, while children are also incapable of cooling themselves down. The negative effects of extreme temperatures on children have been further confirmed by pediatric associations worldwide, with children often falling victim to hyperthermia dehydration and other risks that can be fatal.

GMC designed its “Forgotten Toy” campaign as a metaphorical representation of these dangers to portray the severity of leaving children alone in cars. The campaign’s message caters to GMC’s fellow community members living in the region, with the hope of helping prevent such injuries or fatalities during the more challenging summer climate.

Daniella D’Souza, Head of Brand – GMC Middle East, said: “The safety of drivers, passengers and the wider community sits at the center of everything we do as a brand. While we are constantly innovating and striving to add value to the safety standards in our GMC vehicles, we also share a responsibility to shed light on critical and life-threatening issues like this one. Everyone has a role to play to deliver safety and we hope our loyal and growing community around the region joins us in raising awareness around the risks attached to the hazardous habit of leaving children unattended in cars by sharing our “Forgotten Toy” campaign and spreading the message.”

The wax model in GMC’s “Forgotten Toy” video was made with a combination of three different materials: Silicone, Paraffin wax and Beeswax. The wax model was then carefully textured by sculptors to replicate a real-life scenario in order to bring the dangers and consequences of leaving children unattended in cars to the forefront of viewers’ minds.

View, like, comment and share GMC’s “Forgotten Toy” campaign and help spread the message: GMC Arabia YouTube | Forgotten Toy

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Rimini Street Statement on U.S. Appeals Court Ruling

Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner, today issued the following statement in response to the August 16, 2019 ruling by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Oracle v. Rimini Street litigation which was filed in January 2010, went to trial in 2015, and has been on appeal since:

“We are pleased that the Appeals Court again corrected legal errors in the District Court’s post-trial orders, adding to the Appeals Court’s and Supreme Court’s prior reversals in this case and refunds from Oracle totaling over $34 million.

Oracle lost 23 of 24 claims it originally pursued against Rimini Street in this case, with the jury finding that Rimini Street engaged in “innocent infringement” on the remaining claim. Rimini Street had voluntarily stopped using the legacy processes that were found to be infringing before the 2015 trial and before the District Court issued an injunction barring the use of those legacy processes in 2018. The injunction, which has been narrowed by the Appeals Court, does not prohibit Rimini Street’s provision of services for any Oracle product lines, but rather defines the manner in which Rimini Street can provide support services for certain Oracle product lines. Oracle did not prevail on any of its claims against Rimini Street’s CEO, Seth A. Ravin.

Although the Appeals Court identified and corrected legal errors in this latest court round, it did not vacate the injunction entirely and did not provide any refund of the $28 million in Oracle legal fees that Rimini Street had previously paid in full in 2016. In light of the latest Appeals Court decision, we are evaluating our legal options.”

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