Natalia Ramirez | Digital Marketing Expert: A Conversation

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite Social Media Producers and Marketing Directors, Natalia Ramirez. Creator and contributing writer for @AncoraStudios, Changing the Face of STEM, and @SogliaFilms, Ms. Ramirez has time and again reinvented the way we communicate and engage with users in the digital world, making her one of the top digital marketing gurus of our time. Read below to learn more about the inspiration behind her content, what she thinks about identifying with the word feminist, and what gets her really juiced about her work.

 You have quite an impressive background! Besides being one of our favorite digital producers, you’re a contributor to @AncoraStudios and Changing the Face of the STEM.  Let’s say everyone here is starting with a blank slate… How would you want to introduce yourself?

 Natalia Ramirez: Haha, we are getting serious pretty quick here. I guess we could start at the beginning of 5th grade when a teacher at an all girls catholic school asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said, President. She looked at me in a sort of offended way and brutally told me a woman was not meant to be President. If my life was a movie that could be an inciting incident for what was to come — I have always strived to push boundaries, question authority, fight for equality, and do so with relentless energy. I’m a writer and content creator first — so I try to accomplish this through my work and find ways in which we can share the work and the information to everyone.

 Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, we’d love to pick your brain for your thoughts on learning to navigate the digital world; from the content creation to the online advertising, which can be kinda scary considering how it is constantly changing and redefining the way we share and proliferate information.

 NR: Social networks offer us greater flexibility in ad formats. It can be visual, written, videos or announcements of simple texts. Most of them are displayed in the same spaces in which users interact. You have more means to segment and find your target audience, since you can create specific campaigns depending on demographic and socio-demographic data, such as gender, age, interests, business experience. With little investment, a great impact on customers as possible. The cost per click is very low compared to other advertising formats, and the lifespan is somewhat eternal considering once something is out there, it’s out there forever whether you actively advertise it or not. Oh dear, have I said too much? Haha. What I mean to say essentially is, social networks and digital advertising are making it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to reach audiences and customers at a lower cost.

Since we are talking about social networks I have to ask. Which one is your favorite and how can we find you there?

NR: Instagram for sure. It allows to promote images and videos to reach a wider audience; advertisers can place content between photo and photo of your friends/people you follow, so it’s not disruptive, you can continue scrolling at any point you know, it’s not invasive.  Also because I have been able to see it evolve, it was the first platform I ventured to advertise in so there’s an element of sentimentality I guess. You can find me @msnataliaramirez. Slide into my DMs, let me know what you think about this interview haha.

 Your content is usually charged with messages of female empowerment and there has been a lot of discussion around the word feminist.  Some have argued that we don’t need that word anymore; that it just represents a bunch of angry women who believe women should be treated better than men. What are your thoughts on the word feminist?

 NR: The definition of a feminist is somebody who believes in equality between the sexes, not that women are better than men, simply equal. If you understand and believe that, then you are a feminist, whether you want to identify by the word or not. The feminist movement has not been perfect, there is definitely room for improvement within it, and I think what we’re seeing in the younger generation is a much more intersectional approach to feminism, which is encouraging. I do call myself a feminist proudly, and I hope that others will too, but my thought is that what’s important at the end of the day is the action that comes along with the word. It’s not enough to believe in equality; you have to fight for it too.

 As someone who has spoken so vocally on issues pertaining to gender, sexism, racism, and culture, what advice would you share with our readers who may feel hesitant to explore his or her believes due to the backlash?

 NR: That’s very kind of you to say and really I don’t deserve any of that praise. Honestly, growing up I spent a lot of time hesitant to speak my mind;  I wasn’t sure it was right, or smart, or good enough, or not being perfect enough, you get the picture. Almost all of the things I was hesitant about, I still believe them. So what I would say is: try your best not to succumb to self-doubt, stand up for what you believe in, and above all, lead by example.

What is it that you love the most about working at the forefront of digital marketing, and what are the biggest challenges or setbacks?

NR: An intrinsic part of digital marketing is that fortunately, we are a      generation obsessed with knowing more. But to get to that point it’s necessary to make constant mistakes on the road. The big sites and apps on the internet have been built from a pivot strategy. This means that platforms are never fully finished and that errors only serve to define a strategy for the future. If you are trying to be successful in digital marketing you have to keep calm when making mistakes, and the secret lies in working within an organization willing to support you,  allow you to try different strategies, segmentation, until you get it right, and then well, the reward is worth it for all parties involved.

You can find more on Natalia Ramirez and her work on her Instagram @MsNataliaRamirez or LinkedIn.

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