Multi Terminal Forex For Hidden 2 Leg Arbitrage & HFT Trading Software

HFT Trading Software Updating always and everywhere! With these words, the company Westernpips Group announces the start of sales the new generation software product Westernpips Private 7.

This is a unique, exclusive and truly private program created for you dear clients and in many ways, it was created by you, since your requests and offers are our constant stimulus to new horizons and new technologies for earning here and now! All that is needed for real arbitrage trading, a set of irreplaceable strategies and all possible connection methods now available in one program! Now you are not just traders – with the new technology of direct trading access to the Meta Trader servers you are an invisible trader and your trading style will remain a mystery to the broker! Previously, this technology was available only to hackers and with each new build of the terminal it was necessary to completely recode all the algorithms. Our team has developed a new method of trading bypassing Meta Trader terminal. Through the TCP protocol, orders are sent directly from our program to the broker’s server and look like manually opened transactions. And that is not all! Due to the lack of communication with the Meta Trader terminal and the rejection of the use of advisors, the speed of order execution has improved by 30-50% and these are huge numbers for latency arbitrage. On many brokers, an increase in the speed of order execution led to a complete lack of slippage or a decrease in it (of course, we are talking about honest brokers with real order execution). So what are the main advantages of the new generation software: – Ultrafast Trade without the Meta Trader Terminal using direct access technology via TCP protocol; – Multi terminal with unlimited possibilities for connection options fast / slow broker. – Reducing the load on the VPS and the ability to trade on a huge number of accounts simultaneously without launching the Meta Trader terminals. – Combined trading between FIX API and MetaTrader4 / Meta Trader5 / cTrader terminals – Three new 2 LEG algorithms for masking and covert arbitrage between different accounts / brokers. – All deals look like opened in manual mode (magic = 0, the broker will not see the use of Expert Advisor, c transaction with manual execution marking). – Bypassing plug-ins due to a new trading technique with the use of close arbitrage entry strategy when we do not open a deal when a signal appears, but close the deal by a signal. – The speed of opening deals using the new technology is 15-70 ms faster! – Time stamp in nanoseconds! – Ability to connect fast quotes via ITCH protocol – the fastest method of obtaining data. – Powerful analyzer tick quotes! – And much more will be implemented soon.

This is a program for professional HFT traders and those who already use other products of our company. If you are still a beginner, then you should start with more simple and inexpensive versions of our products. Now you understand that this is not just an Expert Adviser – this is a full-featured multi-terminal for trading, earning and embodiment of your ideas! Brokers have less and less chance to detect arbitrage, and now you have even more time to earning! Take your first step to HFT technology – start using Westernpips Private 7! Hurry up, the number of licenses is limited!

Multi Terminal Forex For Hidden 2 Leg Arbitrage


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