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Muhammed Yesilhark is one of the young, budding entrepreneurs who are getting ready to enter into the competitive world of business. The most notable characteristic of Muhammed Yesilhark is that he is not only an entrepreneur but also an investor. He is a philanthropic young man who was born in Germany and is currently living in Dubai. He has been the founder of a small but smart organization called the Q2Q Capital. He is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of his company which is located in Dubai. The business is mostly conducted in a family office.

Professional Achievements:

Till April 2016, Muhammed Yesilhark was the Head of the European Equities. Leading one of the best Europe’s asset managers with great qualities, he was the most responsible manager dealing with more than $55bn of Aum. Being the most liable Partner & the head of European Equities, the company’s European funds along with the global funds for European Exposure was on his cards, with $8bn exposure, which was unbeatable. In spite of this kind of huge exposure, he was extremely honest and loyal to the company that he had worked for.

Muhammed then moved into Carmignac with a team of five members who were handpicked by him. His selection choosing members from SAC Global Investors made the team very strong to perform in the company, he was a Partner & Portfolio Manager. SAC global is an organization that deals with funds amounting to $15bn AuM. The European equities were also handled by him with efficiency and a fund of $550AuM was also dealt with by him. He was a great success in the European Hedge fund industry and had received an award of “40 under 40”. He was among the highest-earning individuals in his field.

Mr. Muhammed had moved to London from Frankfurt before starting his work at SAC. He worked at York Capital Management. It was a New York-based hedge fund firm. With New York, he started as an associate but after his incredible work he got promoted as a Director level. At the ripe age of 27, he was one of the youngest directors in the financial services of London. He had worked in the most reputed firms. Muhammed has the responsibility to make the investments by York in the German speaking countries, and undoubtedly he possessed it with all his expertise.

He had begun his career at Lazard’s Frankfurt office as an analyst. They had a Mergers and Acquisitions practice, where he was trained in the major areas in the fields of Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets.

Personal Achievements:

Muhammed Yesilhark is originally of Turkish origin but he was born in Germany. He had studied finance and management at the European School of business and had aced his classes. He has a first-class degree from the University of Applied Sciences and Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

As for his personal tastes, Muhammed enjoys sports and traveling. Being a trustee of National Zakat Foundation shows his philanthropic nature as the NZF is a foundation that wishes to use the Zakat funds for people who really need it. Muhammed Yesilhark is fluent in English, German, Turkish, and French. He is married and he has two children.

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