MoHAP Organizes Training Program for Building Capabilities and Enhancing Leadership Concepts in Emergencies

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), represented by the Hospitals Administration Sector, organized a training program entitled “Building Capabilities Leadership Concepts in Emergency Management” at MoHAP’s Training and Development Center, in the Dr. Yousef Mohammad Al Serkal Assistant Undersecretary for Hospitals Sector.

The program runs in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and is targeting 37 trainees from medical teams in the emergency departments of MoHAP’s hospitals.

The three-day program aims at raising doctors’ awareness of the principles and operations of the non-medical management in emergency units, by acquainting them with the best international practices applied in hospitals, to increase their competency in responding to emergencies, and to develop appropriate plans during crises and disasters.

Appropriate Emergency Response

Dr. Kalthoum Al Baloushi, Director of MoHAP’s Hospitals Administration, stressed the importance of the program which is organized for the first time to rehabilitate and qualify and the medical staff in emergency units. This comes as part of MoHAP’s ongoing efforts to raise the level of its medical competencies and to keep abreast with the best health management practices.

“To that end, the ministry is providing world-class training programs and is developing sophisticated learning systems to keep pace with future changes. This program is tailored to cope with the latest approved academic practices by the concerned parties. This would help us increase emergency rescue rates, which will reflect positively on the rapid response.”

Establish a system to measure emergency care quality

Al Baloushi added: “Through the program, participants will be able to learn about the leadership and management roles of clinical emergency medicine, effectively manage human resources, as well as how to establish a system to measure and improve the quality of emergency care, and to work on patient safety in the emergency department.”

In addition to learning how to manage changes, follow better ways to use available resources, and provide quality services.

She called on the participants to make use of this program, which comes within a series of training programs, implemented by MoHAP in various sectors to follow up and keep abreast of global developments in various medical fields, in order to enhance the capabilities and raise the efficiency of medical staff. This would help achieve MoHAP’s strategy aiming to provide comprehensive and innovative healthcare services as per the best-approved standards and practices.

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