MoHAP Organizes the 3rd Annual Conference on Innovation in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

As part of its activities in the “UAE Innovation Month – February 2020”, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, organized the 3rd Annual Conference on Innovation in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation at MoHAP’s Training & Development Center in Sharjah, with the participation of pre-eminent cardiac resuscitation experts from the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine.

The conference, which was held on Sunday, Feb 16th, was sponsored by HE Dr. Youssif Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry’s Hospitals Sector and Chairman of the Innovation Committee, and in the presence of Dr. Aref Al-Nuriani, CEO of Al Qasimi Hospital, Consultant Cardiology and Head of the Cardiology Department and Saqr Al-Hemeiri, Director of the Training & Development Center and Chief Innovation Officer.

With the aim of highlighting the latest developments in innovation in cardiac resuscitation sciences, and keeping abreast with the latest developments in resuscitation-related research, guidelines and international recommendations, the conference is featuring seminars, workshops, and dialogues sessions on resuscitation skills, first aid, research, and clinical activities.

“The UAE Innovation Month is a reflection of the forward-looking vision and aspirations of the UAE’s wise leadership, by applying innovative ideas and concepts to open the horizons for developing solutions to future challenges. MoHAP is keen on achieving sustainability and excellence in its activities during the Innovation Month, in line with the objectives of the National Innovation Strategy,” said Dr. Youssif Al Serkal.

He stressed that the Conference on Innovation in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is part of the national index related activities to reduce the rate of deaths from cardiovascular diseases, according to the indicators of the National Agenda 2021, by adopting the latest scientific practices in resuscitation sciences.

“MoHAP is keen to organize this annual event to keep pace with the latest innovations in cardiac resuscitation sciences and to provide most recent information and knowledge of cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation for the nursing staff and health technicians,” Al Serkal concluded.

Saqr Al-Hemeiri said: “The conference, has become an innovative regional platform for exchanging experiences between experts in cardiac resuscitation sciences in the region. It also enhances MoHAP’s role, in particular, and the UAE in general, as an advanced hub for exchanging resuscitation-related knowledge, skills and research, as well as the innovative organization of conferences, seminars, events and cooperation in the field of research and clinical activities.”

While Dr. Aref Al-Nuriani started the scientific sessions with a working paper on myocardial infarction, and how to define an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Dr. Muhammad Naseef, an intensive care consultant at Al Qasimi Hospital, dealt with the topic of respiratory failure, its types and methods of treatment. Another lecture on patient treatment management after the return of automatic blood circulation was delivered by Dr. Rasha Bou Hamid, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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