MoHAP Honors its Strategic Partners in “Wareed” System

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, honored yesterday (Wednesday) its strategic partners of the Smart Healthcare Project “Wareed”, in recognition of their vigorous efforts and to reinforce the joint institutional cooperation, as well as to pay tribute to their fundamental role in accomplishing MoHAP’s strategic projects, which strengthen the digital transformation in health and improve health services.

The event was attended by HE Awad Al-Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary of MoHAP’s Support Services Sector, Ali Al-Ajmi, Director of the Health Information Systems Department, Saqr Al-Hemeiri, Director of the Training & Development Center, and representatives of the contributors and supporters of the Health Information Systems Department.

A number of panel sessions, organized by Health Information Systems Department, were held on the sidelines of the event, in which the participants discussed developing the plans and projects of the Department, in addition to a detailed presentation on “Wareed” which aims to achieve electronic connectivity between MoHAP’s hospitals and health centers.

Celebrating Partners is an Institutional Culture

In his opening address, HE Awad Al-Ketbi lauded the efforts of the partners and supporters from public and private sectors in bolstering MoHAP’s projects in general and the Support Services Sector in particular, stressing MoHAP’s keenness on celebrating its partners and reinforcing cooperation ties with the health-related authorities in the UAE.

“Our aim to consolidate the integral partnership with the various federal government, local, and private sectors. This would help us achieve MoHAP’s vision in building a sustainable-based and a future-exploration health system, in addition to launching creative initiatives and innovative projects aligned with the policies and trends of our wise leadership,” Al-Ketbi explained.

The Year of Preparations for the Next 50 (2020: Towards the Next 50)

He further said: “Our gathering today aims to celebrate the efforts exerted by the strategic partners of Wareed to contribute to the project success, as we strongly believe that partnership and integration of roles is the key to excellence and leadership. This will also help enhance MoHAP’s endeavors to provide integrated health services.”

Al-Ketbi underlined that celebrating the partners is an institutional culture enhancing MoHAP’s plans for the year of preparations for the next 50, something which underlines the keenness of our leadership to pursue the journey to more achievements.

“Wareed System is one of the most important strategic and vital projects of MoHAP. It aims at providing integrated and innovative healthcare for managing health data, improving efficacy and quality in the population health management, easing access to patient information, supporting medical and administrative cadres to make better treatment decisions, saving time for patients, and improving health care expenditure management,” he added.

“MoHAP is very keen on establishing an efficient and reliable digital health system. This will constitute an innovative gateway to future healthcare, with a view to improving patients’ experience as per the highest quality standards. This can be achieved by developing e-health services, in accordance with the smart government enablers, within its specific timeframe, and adherence to the country’s trends in innovation and future exploration, and consolidate the UAE’s position on the global innovation map in e-health care,” Al-Ketbi concluded.

Supporting the Partners Contributed to Achieving Wareed’s Strategic Goals

Ali Al-Ajmi commended the sincere efforts of the partners in Wareed, thanks to their vital role in successfully completing its phases, supporting the work team in MoHAP’s Health Information Systems Department, noting that Wareed is the largest initiative of its kind in the field of technical infrastructure for health facilities in the UAE and the region.

Al-Ajmi underscored that this project is constituting a paradigm shift for establishing a smart electronic work environment, attributing the project success to the directives of the leadership and cooperation with MoHAP’s relevant departments, as well as the partners’ support, in fostering the electronic connectivity between MoHAP’s health facilities, amounting to 17 hospitals and 71 health centers.

He explained that the technical preparations are underway to connect additional 6 centers in 2020. This will lead to bringing together more than 15,000 doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals under the Wareed umbrella.

While reiterating his thanks and appreciation to the strategic partners for their effective role, Al-Ajmi concluded that about 2.5 million patients from 226 countries received their treatment and 15 million visits to medical facilities were recorded according to Wareed statistics.

Brainstorming for Innovation in Partnership

On the sidelines of the event, panel and brainstorming sessions with partners were held on future plans and the most important development projects, legislation and information security, and the importance of patient involvement in treatment programs, and the use of artificial intelligence, technology and block-chain, to manage health information systems.

The honoring included strategic partners from institutions, bodies, and companies, who had a distinctive role in cooperation with the Health Information Systems Department.


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