Ministry of Health & Prevention Holds the Regional Policy Dialogue for the State of the World’s Nursing & Midwifery 2020 Reports

Under the theme “Power of Data in Evidence-Based Decisions & Policies”, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), represented by the Nursing Department, held recently, a regional policy dialogue supported and presented by World Health Organization (WHO), International Council of Nurses (ICN), international Confederation of Midwives for the status and development of nursing and midwifery professions in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

The dialogue comes to bolster the WHO efforts in developing the first-ever report of “The State of the World’s Nursing” which will be released along with the third report of “The State of the World’s Midwifery report” in  2020  as part of celebrating the year of nursing and midwifery in 2020.

Held at V Hotel Dubai, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Yousif Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospitals Sector, the event was attended by Dr. Sumaya Al Balushi, Director of Nursing Department, MoHAP, and Alya Harbi, Director of MoHAP’s Statistics & Research Center.

Also, present at the event were WHO’s representatives including; Dr. Mathieu Boniol, Health Workforce Department, WHO, H.E. Prof. Ruwaida Al-Maayta, Board Member of the Global Campaign for  “Nursing Now”, Dr. Arwa Owais, Advisor of Nursing & Midwifery and allied health , in  Estern Mediterranean region, Rafat Jan, International Confederation of Midwives’ Representative of the Eastern Mediterranean Region,  the government  Chief Nurse and midwifery officers(GCNMO) of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. In addition to national nurse leaders from different  governmental , private and academic institution like Sharjah university.

In this regard, H.E. Dr. Al Serkal said: “This regional policy dialogue is considered the first initiative of its kind to inform investments in the capabilities of legal nurses and midwives, as well as to empower the role of nursing and midwifery professions alongside other health forces in shaping relevant policies. This, in turn, will help improve the quality and outcome of healthcare services, and achieve the economic growth and the sustainable development goals.”

He highlighted the importance of providing precise data on the status of nursing and midwifery professions, pointing to the positive outcomes at the national level. These outcomes are forming an impetus to achieve the objectives of the national initiative for enhancing the attractiveness of nursing profession under the theme “Nursing is Pride & Creativity”.

On the sidelines of the dialogue, panel discussions were held on the importance of providing quality accurate and reliable data related to nursing and midwifery professionals through the National Health Account in each country. A particular focus was given to the importance of consolidating this data and information in accordance with flexible policies responsive to the health priorities and needs of the individuals and society.

In conclusion, the meeting raised a number of recommendations including; emphasizing the importance of providing credible and high-quality information; and developing national mechanisms to ascertain the quality of data provided about nursing and midwifery professionals. This information will be submitted to the competent authorities at the National Health Workforce Account (NHWA) through MOHaP.

Furthermore, the meeting underlined the importance of fostering scientific research in all health domains to direct evidence-based policies, decisions, and strategies, toward achieving the universal health coverage and the sustainable development goals, in addition to deepening the health notion by everyone.

The empowerment of nursing and midwifery leaders to actively take part in shaping and influencing health policies was also one of the meeting recommendations since registered nurses and midwives are leaders in delivering healthcare. Accordingly, they have to be in the core of adopting health policies and work towards a further increase of their numbers in the country’s leadership positions.

The participants also recommended to prepare a policy debrief from this policy dialogue and send it to involved countries to support and advance the role of nursing and midwifery in the region.

Diverse Lectures

The first session was presented by Dr. Sumaya Al Balushi about the overall objectives and scope of State of nursing and idwifery report in 2020.  H.E. Prof. Ruwaida Al-Maayta showcased a report on the global initiative “Nursing Now” under the theme “All Nurses and Midwives at the Policy Table: Global Perspectives”.

While Mr. Howard Catton, CEO, International Council of Nurses, addressed the importance of generating evidence and key indicators to measure the impact of evidence-based care by nurses on health and performance outcomes.

The National Health Workforce Account

Dr. Rafat Jan showcased the previous edition of “The State of World’s Midwifery” report and discussed the best practices and lessons learned from this report to be taken into account while developing  “The State of World’s Nursing” first report.

For her part, Alya Harbi reviewed the topic of strengthening National Health Workforce Account (NHWA) of MoHAP’s Health Workforce, particularly, nursing professionals to ensure proper coordination among the key stakeholders for interoperability and information exchange of the UAE’s health professionals that will be included in the world state ever nursing report.

In the same context, an interactive workshop was held on the NHA and its global indicators and moderated by Dr. Mathieu Boniol, aimed at training and qualifying the government chief nurses in coordinating with their observatory focal point on special indicators for the preparation of the global nursing report.

Another workshop was held and moderated by Arwa Owais on call for action for EMR to enhance the implementation of nursing and midwifery strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The event was concluded with a panel discussion, moderated by both Wedad Ahmed Bu Humaid, Director of Government Communications Department, MOHAP and Fatima Haroun, Expert  to enhance the role Nursing initiative, on the role of media in highlighting the significant role of nursing in the healthcare system and shedding more light on the State of World’s nursing and midwifery report 2020.

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