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Nakia Jenkins is a sensational Instagram Star & an immensely passionate Social Media Influencer with a fan base of over 200K Instagram followers. He was born on 14th March 1998 in the city of Anniston, Alabama. A multi-talented & photogenic artist who hold great passion for using his wit & humor to engage & captivate the audience. Nakia excels in the art of creating comedic content fascinating enough to mesmerize the hearts & minds of his wide fan base across several social media platforms. An advocate of happiness, Nakia’s aim is to help in the development of self-belief & self-confidence in others through the aid of his charismatic influencing skills. Nakia Jenkins shares a great deal of passion for technology & social media and is encouraged by the drive to work with the people who appreciate & understands the work he does. His ever-expanding fan base is growing steadily across different social media platforms and he acquired the majority of his popularity from sharing beauty reactions & lifestyle posts. Besides making viral videos, Nakia greatly cherishes meeting new peoples and exploring lives. He is motivated & inspired by the ambition to strive for better things in life & assist others in their pursuit of eternal happiness. Nakia embarked on his journey as a social media influencer in the year 2012 from Twitter & Instagram. Working his way up the social media popularity charts, he was able to inspire & engage a huge number of audience through his original & intriguing viral videos & content. Nakia acquired his early popularity from reacting to viral videos on his officialnakia account. His reaction to beauty & lifestyle videos had received a lot of acclamations & recognition from his global fan base. Nakia loves being the voice of the people who help others in accepting their true self and in building self-belief & confidence.

Nakia is a YouTuber under the name tag OfficialNakia. He is connected with a wide range of social media influencers and other creators he’s also known for live-streaming on many applications. Nakia’s greatest source of motivation comes in the face of his parents who encourage him to do better things in life. He is an avid traveler who loves exploring new places & meeting new people with an aim to learn more about different cultures and traditional philosophies. Besides this, Nakia has two siblings Deshawn & Jayla and he greatly cherishes spending time with his family & friends. He is an avid listener who loves paying attention to others & making them feel special through his compassion & empathy powers. Nakia is greatly proud of his personality & style and loves being the representative of people who are in search of happiness & joys.

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