Sanjeev Krishna, coach to government officials, business leaders, says yoga can help bosses handle mounting pressures much better

The founder of one of Dubai’s leading yoga institutions says meditation can play a key role in helping individuals of all ages, and businesses, cope with and recover from the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

Sanjeev Krishna says that one of the lessons highlighted by the global spread of Covid-19 is the effect that stress, addictions, and an unhealthy lifestyle have in weakening the immune system, increasing the threat of death from the disease.

And with a recent Dubai Chamber of Commerce survey revealing that 70% of businesses are expected to close in the next 6 months, Krishna says meditation can help bosses, and staff, handle mounting pressures much better.

“Meditation now is not an option, but a necessity to allow us to maintain our clarity and keep a relaxed state of mind, in order to face these new challenges with a strong mentality and a healthy body,” says Krishna, whose students include government officials and business leaders.

“One thing that has become even clearer during this very difficult period is that we need to be strong in all respects – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – to face any critical issues at all times.

“This is particularly true for business leaders now under great pressure, as well as their staff and people of all ages. We must avoid doing anything to damage our bodies in any way, because that is just destroying the most valuable gift and the greatest asset that we have.

“The coronavirus has made us better understand that stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and addictions to tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food and food additives, weakens our immune system and makes us prone to infection from viruses and other diseases.”

While the Sanjeev Krishna Yoga centre in Jumeirah has remained closed as a result of official regulations, demand has led to the launch of online classes by the yoga coach who begun teaching in Dubai in 2003.

Krishna has for the last seven years delivered yoga instruction to management at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai.

Known affectionately by his students as Guruji, he also teaches corporate clients as part of their wellness initiatives, and conducts classes for universities and schools.

“We’ve taken our classes online because of the demand from people who want to stay strong physically, mentally and emotionally, to able to face the new challenges confronting them,” he says. “Meditation can strengthen their immune system by helping them overcome turbulence of the mind.”

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