MEDICAL VR TRAINING: Embrace the future of Medical

Medical VR training, the name itself sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The use of modern technology to gain experience in the medical field and train medical professionals to be the best of the best. We have always linked VR to gaming and a tool for entertainment but it has uses beyond imagination. Researchers worldwide brainstorm innovative ideas to incorporate this amazing technology for the long term benefit of mankind, and VR medical training is one of these. Recently, ARVR Israel has launched their Medic VR with aim to train the future medical professionals for a better healthy tomorrow.

How is Medical training done through VR?

Medical VR glasses are one of the innovative tools in the field of medicine. These place you in a virtual immersive environment that feels real. All the scenarios of medical emergencies are customizable through which you can sharpen your skills and get expert medical training through virtual yet so realistic emergency cases. The scenarios are made according to the type of training required and there are also levels of training that you can choose from. Here are some of the scenarios:

  • Arriving at an emergency scene and treating the wounded.
  • Using all emergency equipment, searching for correct medicine and even questioning the patient.
  • Learning procedures and practicing them.

How is Medic VR training better than training in real life?

With such real and customizable environment and no harm being done to patients in reality while training, Medic-VR training assures highly skilled and trained future practitioners.

Eliminates training on cadavers/mannequins

All medical students undergo rigorous training on cadavers and mannequins, this isn’t only tiring but it can never replicate the real life scenarios of live patient. Proper space is required to carry out the training and also the test subjects mainly cadavers. VR makes the whole experience easy, accurate and more realistic even when virtual. The students are better trained and gain more experience as compared to training on mannequins. And when the whole training is virtual, there is no need of surgical scrubs or time wasted in going to different labs as the virtual training can take place anywhere, in lecture halls or theater rooms.

Far better Medical Skills:

The training of doctors does not only require the knowledge of anatomy and procedures, but also the experience to do it efficiently and in the specified time frame and also to tackle emergency situations without panicking. Virtual Reality has given this opportunity to perform all these procedures in an immersive virtual environment as well as get evaluated on their performance. Some other merits of Medical VR training are as follows:

  • It boosts the confidence of medical professionals and the plenty practice saves them from panicking in real emergencies.
  • As all the scenarios are virtual, no harm is done to test subjects while training
  • It is pocket-friendly with significantly reduced training and equipment cost.
  • The scenarios can be customized according to your ideas.
  • New modalities are easily introduced.
  • Limited amount of space is required.

Let’s take mankind to next level by putting modern technology to good use.

The “Medic VR” scenarios were developed by ARVR tech company. ARVR making real-life look a like training for hospitals, medics training, police force, soldiers and fire fighters. you can contact them for every issue and question about AR and VR technology. +972-54-5844290

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