Mazda has signalled the dawn of a new era in next-generation vehicles with the launch of the brand new Mazda 3.

The new model which was launched in Oman on the 7th of October features the KODO design and the “Less is more” Japanese mastery concept which can be seen in its interiors as well as its exterior. Mazda’s designers and engineers focused on giving the brand new Mazda 3 a simple yet elegant style and feel to it that is entirely based on Mazda’s human centric philosophy. The resulting vehicle is one that offers exceptional functionality, precise control, responsive handling, distinctive design and an overall ‘Mazda Premium’ feeling.

Being the first of the new generation of Mazda vehicles, the new Mazda 3 is a model that has taken a significant leap from the 6th to the 7th generation and is a step up to the ‘Mazda Premium’ status. With the launch of the new model, Mazda’s customers will be able to experience the increased value of the brand thanks to innovative technology, outstanding design and the use of high grade materials used in its production. Overall the Mazda 3 will deliver an unforgettable driving experience that will highlight Mazda’s philosophy of Jinba Ittai, the oneness between car and driver.

The new Kodo design gives the Mazda 3 a powerful expression of vitality compared to previous Kodo models. The reflection of light on the car’s body shows smooth and continuous movement and is nothing short of poetry in motion. Both the sedan and sport wagon models have distinct designs and personalities – the former being elegant and luxurious and the latter sleek, sporty and emotive. Both variants will come with an optional Bose 12-speaker sound system which will deliver a rich sound at both high and low volumes. Also the speaker placement in the vehicle is such that both driver and passengers will experience a detailed, natural reproduction of the sound of music along with amazing depth and clarity.

The new Mazda 3 is sculpted to perfection with Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture which is designed to enable people to make the most of their natural sense of balance. Based on Mazda’s philosophy of designing cars to be more human centric, Mazda has gone ahead and enhanced the car’s fundamental driving attributes such that accelerating, turning and braking feel completely natural. In addition to achieving such great strides, the SKYACTIV engine, Mazda’s revolutionary take on car engines, is all set to change the way we look at engine performance in the future. The new Mazda 3’s 1.5-litre engine has been tuned to deliver power, better fuel economy and increased torque whilst at the same time being eco-friendly. In addition to its ergonomic design, the driver and passengers will also experience high comfort levels thanks to the G-Vectoring Control Plus which adjusts torque and brake pressure whilst on turns. This feature will help improve vehicle stability by making it easier for the driver to control the car with better precision.

To top it all, Mazda developed and integrated its i-ACTIVSENSE technology into the Mazda 3’s DNA. The i-ACTIVSENSE technology includes active safety technologies that support safe driving by helping the driver to recognise potential hazards on the road and pre-crash safety technologies which help avert collisions or reduce the severity of impact in situations where they can’t be avoided. Next generation safety technologies like the Mazda Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, Lane Assist System, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Adaptive Front Lighting System, Forward Obstruction Warning and Smart City Brake Support will provide customers with absolute driving pleasure as well as an outstanding environmental and safety performance. Other new innovative additions to the i-ACTIVSENSE range of technologies include the Driver Monitoring and attention alert system and the Traffic Support system. While the former detects the onset of drowsiness or fatigue via the LED in the centre display and sounds an alert, the latter tackles traffic jams by controlling vehicle speed and steering torque in order to maintain safe distance and proper lane positioning on bends.

According to Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the sole distributor of Mazda vehicles in the Sultanate of Oman, “The newly unveiled Mazda 3 marks a new era in Mazda’s history of producing excellent vehicles worldwide. The latest Mazda 3 and other next generation Mazda cars that are soon to follow will not only raise Mazda’s brand value in the industry, but will also help in building stronger bonds of trust with customers all around the world. With the launch of the new model, Mazda has created an object of universal appeal and desire with qualities that support its human centric philosophy in every way be it design, driving performance, eco-friendliness or the premium feeling of driving a Mazda.”

In Oman, TAC is recognised as a trusted name in customer service and a pioneer in the automobile business since 1972. A group company of the W J Towell Group, TAC takes off from the principle of its parent company and ensures the easy availability of high quality motor products coupled with the highest standard of service to its esteemed customers.

Mazda has brought quality to the roads of Oman, and TAC has made owning a Mazda an absolute joy, thanks to their excellent after-sales service, availability of genuine parts for all Mazda models, their efficient staff, amazing promotions and innovative solutions for a better customer experience.

To find out more about Towell Auto Centre’s showrooms and servicing centres, you can log on to, or just walk into any one of Towell Auto Centre’s 9 Mazda showrooms situated across the Sultanate of Oman. Now you can also download the revamped Mazda Oman mobile app to get easy access to everything related to Mazda in Oman.

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