Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor flies into Dubai with specially made rotis to surprise winners of Al Baker competition

  • Rotis prepared from Al Baker Gold flour stay soft even after seven hours

It’s not always that freshly made rotis are transported from country to country but this is precisely what celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor did at the end of an exciting Al Baker social media competition run recently on the Facebook page of Al Baker flour.

The competition run on social media was primarily to highlight the uniqueness of the new Al Baker Gold flour – rotis made out of it are not just tasty but stay soft for a longer period of time.

More than 500 entries were received. Chef Sanjeev selected 10 entries and personally responded to them through a video message on the Facebook page. The personal engagement by the renowned culinary expert was much appreciated by the participants.

Four of the 10 entrants ended up as winners, and each of them, along with their families, were invited for lunch with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. For them it was an unexpected turn of events, as Sanjeev Kapoor flew in to the UAE with super soft rotis that he himself prepared in India using the Al Baker Gold Atta, which is made from 100% MP Sharbati atta.

Chef Sanjeev prepared the rotis in the morning at around 7 am in his kitchen in Mumbai and flew to Dubai with the rotis and drove directly to his restaurant, Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor to host the winners and their families for lunch. The guests were not just overwhelmed by this personal touch shown by the renowned chef but were also surprised to find out that even after seven hours since they were made, the rotis remained soft.

Commenting on his rendezvous with the winners, Sanjeev Kapoor, said: “It was a unique experience for me too, flying into Dubai with the rotis. I am delighted that the rotis were enjoyed by the winners. Rotis made with Al Baker Gold flour have a super taste and is unmatched for its softness.”

Ms. Bindu Rajeev, one of the winners, said:”It was great to meet Sanjeev Kapoor, and also find out that the rotis were so soft even after they made the long journey from India.”

The Al Baker Gold flour, made out of 100 % MP Sharbati wheat grain, is truly a benchmark for soft and tasty rotis.

Al Baker is an immensely popular brand from the stable of Emirates Grain Product Company, which was launched in 1995 with a vision to provide the world with the finest range of essential and value-added flour. In less than a decade, Emigrain has grown to become a leading manufacturer and marketer of wheat-based products in the Middle East.

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