Make Your Diffuser Last to Bring A Fresh Smell in Your Home

It can be a real hassle to clean up after your home and make sure it stays fresh—and smells fresh, too. Thankfully, diffusers can make your life much better in several ways. It can lighten up your mood, boost your energy, and even help you to sleep soundly at night. They are very useful in eliminating any bad odors in your house, and it makes you feel more relaxed and calmer whenever you stay at home.

However, many people can be overwhelmed with diffusers and how to use them properly.

These may seem like a hard thing to maintain at home, with the proper ways of using them to the perfect scents to use it with. However, you do not have to worry too much about it because using diffusers is very easy.

When used effectively, they will smell longer, last longer, and become much better additions in any room of your house.

Here are some helpful hacks and hints on how to use your diffuser effectively and efficiently.

Do not light the diffuser sticks

Even though they look similar, diffuser sticks should never be used as incense sticks. This is because the oils used in diffuser reeds are highly flammable and can cause fires and other accidents. All we want is a good-smelling house, not a burning house!

Place a coaster underneath the bottle

This is to prevent your timber or concrete surfaces from getting any ring stains. These are often caused by the oil dripping down the scent bottle after you flip the reeds. The oil can ruin the surface and make it even more explosive, especially if it is on your wooden table.

Use the reeds according to your needs

You have to remember to use the reeds to determine how much scent you want from them.

If you want a lighter whiff of the aroma, or you can just use a few of the reeds from the reed diffuser package. You can use it in places such as your bathroom, closet, or if you have a small room that has no windows in it. Fewer reeds equate to slower diffusion, so you get to enjoy the aroma as delicately as you can.

If you wish to choose a stronger aroma, or if you want to use it in a wide room with open windows and doors, such as your living room, you can use all the reeds in the package to ensure the production of a stronger fragrance, because faster diffusion happens if you have more reeds.

Flip the reeds for a fragrance boost

You can flip the reeds whenever you want to gain your desired aroma. For example, if you feel like the scent is fading even though you have an oil full of diffuser bottle, you can simply flip the reeds upside down, with the soaked ends now in the open.

This will boost the strength of the aroma, and you can smell your favorite scents again without having to worry about anything else, for that matter.

Replace the reeds as recommended

Using the reeds repeatedly can cause the cells inside the reeds to get clogged up, and therefore it cannot work as fine as before. Always replace your reeds within six months. Put them away from the sun as it can shorten the average lifespan of the reeds. Replace all the reeds, even if it is the same scent, for optimal performance.

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