King Koil reaches a total investment of more than AED 50 million

  • Its market share is more than 60% of the UAE’s top premium brands

King Koil, one of the region’s leading mattress makers, announced it has reached a total investment of more than AED 50 million at the end of 2018, following the launch of a new range of mattresses and pillows in the market.

Sundar Rajan, CEO of Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company, said:”The market share of King Koil in the UAE is 60% of the UAE’s premium mattress quota. To this day more than 50 million dirham has been invested, and this size will rise up to AED 55 million by 2020.”

Sundar added:”The new mattresses introduced to the market are made of natural and high-quality materials with innovative technologies that make you feel comfortable and vibrant.”

Sundar also focused on the importance of the mattresses to keep the body healthy, rest and wake up energized. The new collection can do to the wellbeing of the body and achieve a healthy sleep and fit to body fluctuations to provide a comfortable sleep away from the disturbance that may happen during sleep.

He also highlighted on the  factors for good night’s sleep; external factors include a quiet room, dark room, temperature, fresh air free of allergens, clean bedroom, minimum or no partner movement and supportive and comfortable sleeping surface, while the Internal factors include stress, lifestyle habits, and health conditions.

The number of King Koil showrooms in the United Arab Emirates alone stands at 30, while it covers more than 150 showrooms in the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa. In line with the company’s expansion plans, King Koil recently opened a new factory in Saudi Arabia and another will be soon launched in Egypt.

“Our focus has always been on providing the most durable and comfortable sleeping solutions at affordable prices. This new line of mattress collection features the most advanced technologies to address the needs of the consumers looking for the ideal balance between comfort and value. We have put our hybrid technology through excessive testing to offer this curated selection of mattresses to ensure everyone can find a mattress as per their sleep requirement”, concluded Sundar.

Customers who want a hands-on experience with the product can test the premium mattress collection at King Koil Sheikh Zayed road showroom and gradually, the new mattresses will also be available across all King Koil outlets in the UAE.

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