JC (Cambodia) International Airlines selects ACCELAERO

Information Systems Associates (ISA) & JC International Airlines, a start-up in Cambodia announces entering into an agreement for the complete ACCELAERO portfolio from ISA that supports the airline’s full carrier International service.

As part of JC Intl Airlines current ambitious launching programme, Mr. Dong Yan Huang, the CEO of JC (Cambodia) International Airlines commented on this agreement saying: “We are making significant investment in ISA solutions and services, as with all aspects of the airlines business, we are committed to ensuring that we offer our passengers and the employees the very best in terms of easiness and flexibility to book, quality, choices and convenience as well as managing the entire Airline and we trust ISA in this”.

Mr. Nader Shukralla, the CEO of ISA said “This partnership corroborates the standing of ACCELAERO Portfolio in the market and further broaden ISA foothold in the far East region. We are extremely pleased in launching ACCELAERO portfolio swiftly for JC (Cambodia) Intl. Airlines facing the challenges successfully; we perceive a great prosperous growth in this partnership and look ahead constantly to more upward evolution and new opportunities”.

ISA takes great pride in saying that we have made remarkable progress since our inception in 2005 reaching many milestones along the way, as well as setting ambitious plans for our future

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