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Investing today has never been more important. As there are so many investment companies out there some good some not so good, it is important to separate the winners from the losers and invest for success.

With an estimated 340M AUM and international acclaim HULT Private Capital’s popular Property Investment Funds and Bonds have given the wise investors impressive returns and are becoming the number one London investment firm among the astute.

Typically a wealthy investors Market HULT Private Capital has opened an asset class that will allow those with less experience to invest in secure property funds within the luxurious and highly sort after location of central London England.

Property throughout time has always been a safe haven asset class. So much so that on average UK property has increased by 8.6% each year since 1967 (Source: Office of National Statistics). It, therefore, makes sense why so many are turning to UK property as the signature investment of choice for sustained long and short term growth especially popular with family trusts and retirement planning.

HULT Private Capital the Success Story you Want to be part of

HULT Private Capital maintains a 98% client retention rate and these are numbers HULT are proud of in today’s market conditions. The secret to HULT’s success… preparation, hard work, know-how and a solid commitment to excellence. The HULT investment team are miles ahead of the competition.

More about HULT: HULT Private Capital is an award-winning investment company internationally known for its fine art of balancing innovation with traditional investments. Established in 2008 HULT Private Capital has expanded over 4 different countries with emphasis on Secure, Tax Efficient Capital Investments. Characteristically designed for the HNW and Sophisticated investor HULT investments are by invitation only or considered upon application.



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