India Gate to lead UAE’s health food category at Gulfood expo 2020

Reaffirming its commitment to support the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) healthy living goal, India Gate, the world’s largest rice miller, will lead the region’s healthy food segment at this year’s Gulfood expo.

Making its 12th appearance at the largest and longest-running food and beverage show in the world, India Gate will be showcasing its wide range of healthy food products with a special focus on its flagship product, the Sprouted Brown Rice.

Popular among UAE households, India Gate’s Sprouted Brown Rice is produced through a state-of-the-technology exclusively designed to develop a product that is nutritionally enriched.

India Gate’s spokesperson expressed the brand’s commitment to providing its customers with healthier food options, which in turn enable them to live a healthy lifestyle.

“We are excited to be participating in yet another edition of the premier food and beverage show. We are also delighted to be taking part in steering the region’s food and beverage ecosystem towards a sustainable and prosperous future. The 2020 Gulfood expo is a good opportunity for India Gate as it enables us to connect directly with our customers. Our interaction at the show, in turn, helps us assure the consumer of quality rice products,” said Priyanka Mittal, Director, KRBL limited.

Mainstreaming vegetarianism

According to Mittal, India Gate’s Gulfood showcase is not only in line with the government’s objective to ensure healthy living and promote well-being for all ages but also part of its long-term strategy to mainstream the importance of vegetarianism in the region.

“The government has been at the forefront pushing and encouraging people to eat healthy foods. Our participation and focus on our Sprouted Brown Rice at the Gulfood expo underscores our commitment to supporting the government’s effort to transform and position the UAE as the healthiest country in the region if not the world,” said Mittal.

Rice remains a mainstream to UAE cuisine and KRBL is the only company offering Sprouted Brown Rice option. Other India Gate products that will be showcased include the gluten-free Quinoa, the rich in fiber Chia seeds and Flax seeds, which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid.

Health benefits

India Gate has been at the forefront of advocating for the consumption of healthier food options in the region.

Part of the brand’s health campaign has been to encourage UAE residents to make informed food choices and adopt responsible eating habits. This says Mittal, will go a long way in boosting UAE’s quest to combat lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

Sprouted Brown Rice is a healthy alternative due to its numerous nutritional values such as high magnesium and active potassium content, which help keep heart diseases and low blood pressure at bay.

According to Dr. Dana Al Hamwi, a DHA-approved nutritionist working with India Gate, more and more people in the UAE are increasingly changing their diet in favor of healthier ones.

“Lifestyle chronic diseases and conditions are still a threat. However, more people are now taking charge of their eating habits by adopting healthier diets. India Gate’s Sprouted Brown Rice, Chia, Flax Seeds and Quinoa are much healthier options that can be easily incorporated into your diet as an affordable and sustainable way to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Dana.

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