ICO phase begins for “Disruptive” Blockchain Telecom Technology

New technologies simplify digital conversion that brings our world forward by providing effectiveness and solving complications. Blockchain is such an innovative technology that is likely to change the Internet and how companies do business. This technology is especially applicable to the telecom industry and could disrupt the current business model.

Quanta Networks, with its state-of-the-art blockchain based telecommunication platform, is aiming to provide every mobile user affordable connectivity with the right to privacy and security. To launch its prototype in the first quarter of 2020, the company is promoting subscriber involvement via its ICO by issuing Quanta Network utility tokens to its users.

This ERC20 token may be used later within the platform to buy access products. The token sale began on 15th April 2019. Industry insiders are showing great interest and Quanta Networks expects to easily reach its sales goal of for the project. This includes the private sale as well as the public sale.

The ICO sale will continue till 30th September 2019. The price is at $0.70USD/token.

Blockchain’s capability to change the telecom business

The application of Blockchain technology is a key development that will drive change in the telecom sector.

Blockchain generates new product opportunities that will positively impact competition within the telecom industry, however, it is also likely to disrupt the current field of service providers. Blockchain applications were first introduced into the Financial Services sector, but now the technology has evolved enabling new innovative Blockchain implementations suitable for deployment in the Telecom sector as well as other technology-dependent industries.

Dan Cummings noted in ETH News “the telecommunication industry looks to be the perfect facilitator for innovative blockchain projects”. For example, it could provide support and securitization for IoT (Internet of Things) as it grows in prominence within the broader digital product spectrum.

How can telecom companies keep up?

If blockchain turns out to be the way of the future for the telecommunications business, as Quanta envisions, communications carriers and service providers must get on board or they will fail to remain competitive in the digital marketplace. For telecom companies to use blockchain, they must implement a network that can handle it.

Blockchain creates new opportunities, allowing the telecommunications sector to operate with more secure, more efficient and more cost-effective business models. Not surprisingly, these all are core attributes that the “Quanta Network” product feature set promotes. Telecom industry experts have a belief that Blockchain applications will dramatically change the industry and in the process, leave a significant impact on society as a whole.

A Rich Route to Blockchain in Telecom

Blockchain in telecom is an influential model and the hysteria is to some extent justified. It can be seen as an easy, cost-effective and viable replacement for the traditional business finance infrastructure with teams of lawyers, bankers, OSS vendors along with the red tape and paperwork these groups so dutifully generate. What could be better? A Blockchain system that can easily replace that group’s functionality by creating trust imparted by third-party, authentication and smart contract services.

There are many roadblocks on the broad acceptance of Blockchain technology. There is an inherent lack of maturity attached to emerging technology applications. There is also a stigma attached to selling technology to Fortune 500 companies when the technology has evolved out of the origins of being a crypto-hobbyist application.

Quanta Networks believes it has the right approach. This strategy involves initiating the build-out of high performance, Blockchain compliant platforms that will evolve the Telecom industry and enable scalable, secure and efficient Blockchain environments.

An Overview of Quanta Networks

The Quanta Network is a “disruptive” new telecom technology. By comparison, Uber is a transportation company that does not own its own vehicles. Their business model is based on enabling and utilizing surplus or unused resources. Quanta creates network connections where there is available bandwidth by optimizing portions of network traffic, redirected in the interest of improved speed and connectivity, enabling devices to form a communication network by themselves, using their own available bandwidth. Quanta is creating a better network without purchasing any bandwidth.

Quanta Networks is a technology company based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded in 2017 with a clear vision to build an “innovative” and” disruptive” Blockchain compliant telecom platform.

The team is comprised of network technology and Blockchain professionals. The core team of Quanta Networks possesses over 200 years of combined experience in the Telecommunications and Networking industries. Quanta Networks draws further knowledge from its advisory team of telecom industry veterans, Ethereum smart contracts developers, Blockchain experts, crypto researchers, legal advisors, and global banking advisors.

You can join the Quanta Networks project and take part in one of the most unique and disruptive projects in the history of communications technology.

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