Home Appliances Buying Guide for Home Makers

Appliances Buying Guide

Getting access to the right information about the home appliances can help you in choosing the best quality products at economical pricing. Your goal is to ensure safety, reliability, feasibility and functionality in all the aspects. While choosing the specific product you can consider brand comparison with respect to cost, accessories and spare parts, durability and warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main criteria you need to consider while buying home appliances. 30% of the average power consumption in your home is taken by home accessories and appliances. By choosing products with energy star rating you can decrease this up to 25% or even lower.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Refrigerators: – Choose the refrigerator size and volume according to your family size and utility. Bottom mounted freezers with twin doors can help in saving space and keep the foods fresh for long time. Instant accessibility to the stored items saves your time. If your storage requirement is short (say for a week) then you can opt for standard dimensions. It depends on your lifestyle and shopping frequency.
  • Ovens: – Microwave ovens are the core home kitchen accessories for your kitchen. Choice between counter top and over the range models depends on installation, space, design and cost. Counter top ovens offer comfort and flexibility for baking, cooking, toasting and heating when your family size is small. Over the range models have higher capacity. They can be used for conventional cooking applications besides serving the purposes of countertop model. Built in models are ideal for small homes as they fit into wall mounting. Make sure the turn table can accommodate cooking tray with sufficient quantity for your family. Ovens with multiple racks can help save cooking time and accommodate more food. The control panel needs to be user friendly with clearly readable buttons. Options for setting the time in auto mode and manual mode can be useful when you need extra cooking time.
  • Fabric Washers: – If your washing requirement is within the range of 10 to 15 pounds you can choose four cubic feet of washer. The dryer is usually placed stacked beside/over the washer for proper fitting. Washing and drying in the same tub can help in saving space and cost to considerable extent. Front load washing machines help you save on water and energy. Their noise levels are also relatively lower compared to top loading washers.
  • Dish Washers: – Opt for dish washers with adjustable racks. 24”-Width X 24”-depth X 35”-height is the dimension of standard dish washing machine. This is stated to be sufficient for family of four. A washer with intelligent sensor can detect the dirt levels in the dishes and utilize the water, soap and power for wholesome cleaning. The recessed handles can hold more volume of dishes and cleaning is simple and faster. Pocket handles provide more safety for your sensitive and fragile dishes while bar handles are the standard models. The choice of selection also should consider the power consumption per day. Dish washers with stainless steel tubs can retain heat for long time and save on energy.

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